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Thread: Download Latest Version of Underlord

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    Download Latest Version of Underlord

    Underlord 1.51 to 1.52 Manual Patch

    Underlord 1.52 Full Version (Installer)

    Underlord 1.52 Full Version (Manual Package) (Use this if you're having trouble with the installer)

    ================================================== ==

    Bundled in this mod:
    Fanpatch 1.17 (with Allskins vendors)
    JMD's Immortal UI Theme
    EJFudd's Randomization Fix (latest version)
    The Lord of Space's Slow-Casting bugfix (latest version)
    Galefury's Easier Mythics

    All 9 masteries expanded and rebalanced, each going up to level 40 with 24 skills
    Max character level raised to 85
    3 secret areas added to the game
    New and Revised monsters with new skills
    30 new rare affixes
    All set bonuses improved
    New sets added
    New weapon type: vitality staff
    New items, including monster infrequents, randomized unique jewelry, and easter eggs
    New Mythic class of items above Legendary
    Large number of charms and relics rebalanced and improved
    Large number of items rebalanced and improved

    Increased monster levels and spawning
    Increased champion and hero monster chance to spawn
    Potion cooldown increased to 16 seconds
    Potion stack limit increased to 100
    Monster infrequents now have a distinct color on the ground
    Combat math reworked:
    Fewer, but more powerful critical hits
    Chance to dodge from defense ability greatly lowered (damage reduction unchanged)
    Economy Tweaks:
    Monsters and non-boss chests only drop one bag of gold (total gold unchanged)
    Enchanter costs reduced to 10% of the item value
    Mystic costs reduced to 3,000 gold max after 60 points
    Experience recovered from gravestones reduced to 50%
    Axes all have a base 15% pierce ratio
    Recipes accept higher-quality versions of their charms, relics, and scrolls
    Boss monsters have an aura which removes dodge and deflect immunities



    Titan Quest - Immortal Throne (this mod does not work without the Immortal Throne expansion)

    For the manual package, you must know where the installation directory is (or know how to find it). If you do not, please use the installer. You should only use the manual package when:
    The installer can't find your installation of Immortal Throne
    You have other mods/changes to the core game files
    You're a control freak who likes to do it themself

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Download installer
    2. Run installer
    3. ???
    4. Profit

    Installation Instructions for the Manual Install:

    Note: Because this mod modifies a number of the original game files, uninstalling means restoring all those files (typically through a reinstall). If reinstalling Immortal Throne is problematic for your particular version of the game, you can opt to back up the Immortal Throne directory (or just the changed files individually). For those who need to frequently switch between Underlord and the original game, check out Asylum101's batch files listed in the "Mods and Utilities" sticky.

    Unpack the contents of this archive into your installation directory, overwriting the existing files.

    The location of your installation can vary, depending on where you got the game from. The default installation directory for the retail version for Windows XP is C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\

    If you got your copy of the game from digital distribution, and you can't find where the game was installed, right-click the shortcut that launches the game and choose "properties" to find your installation directory. If that doesn't work, contact support for the distributor of your version to find out what the default installation path is.
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    Re: Underlord download location

    Is this mod any good ^^

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    Re: Underlord download location

    Yes it is GREAT!
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    Re: Underlord download location

    Probably the best solution to Titan Quest there is; in my opinion.

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    Re: Underlord download location

    When I download it and run it it says:'Error:install Underlord first,then apply the patch'-????
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    Re: Underlord download location

    Quote Originally Posted by iwantthehidra27 View Post
    When I download it and run it it says:'Error:install Underlord first,then apply the patch'-????
    it says the same thing in my 1.2,

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    Re: Underlord download location

    Then how should I play?
    Hardcore XMAX CHALLENGE:
    ExTeRmInAtOr-Level 70 Conqueror,COMPLETED;

    Aellectris-Level 21 Oracle,Gorgon Cave;

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    Re: Underlord download location

    Try a clean install of TQ / TQIT then 1.17 and finally Underlord?

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    Re: Underlord Downloads

    I installed Underlord last night, and what's strange is I only have TQ, IT, Underlord, and the UL patch installed, but it almost seems like there is a version of xmax running as well. Getting my *** handed to me right outside Helos, absolutely swarmed with mobs.

    Is there a version of xmax included with the UL install?

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    Re: Underlord Downloads

    No xmax. Just about 3 times more monsters. :P

    Quest mobs and bosses are unaffected by the way. And things get a lot easier around Sparta when your levels have caught up with the increased monsters.

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