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Thread: Downloads

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    Re: Downloads

    Instructions are here:

    I have a 1.04 version that is likely playable here:

    My concern is that I have no idea what DC setting it is on and the new DC is only command line and not released. But it looks like a hard setting...

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    Re: Downloads

    Thanks jiaco,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wispo View Post
    You are my personal god!!!!! Thanks!!!!!
    Now i can really test the immortality of my guardian! I've spent more than two years searching for the supreme warrior in the vanilla TQ IT (especially Haruspex), but there was ALWAYS some dangerous mob in Achilles mod. Now, thanks to Metamorphosis mastery (awesome!!!!!) i will be really unbeatable. A walking fortress.....
    I just uploaded the German and the French translations for version 1.04.
    First post was updated, for those who don't want to scroll up, here's the mirror:

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    Quote Originally Posted by John the Serb View Post
    I'd like to try your mod but I cant download it. At sendspace they say something like "the free service is at full capacity" and at rapidshare u have to be a premium user to download the file. So, if its not a problem, can u plz send it to me by e-mail or something?
    From now, you can also get the mod combined with Kir4's m4ssboss3s here or in the summary in the first post.

    The new bosses aren't maxed (are they, Kir4?).

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    Can you repost it ? The link is dead...

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    Re: Downloads

    Thanks for your suggestion, Wispo.
    From now, the mod is also available combined with the Achilles-mod.

    Draeziel, can you repost it ? The link is dead....

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    The normal destinymod contains an achilles-version, so the seperate download isnt neccecary anymore. I removed the link, thanks for the hint.

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    so wait. wat it do?

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    Hi titankyle,

    the mod replaces the original masteries (warfare, defense, earth, storm, stealth, hunting, spirit, nature and dream) with nine new ones (chivalry, ruination, purification, shamanism, metamorphosis, depredation, prophecy, daemonism and training).
    I hope that was the answer to your question.

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    HI i tried to download the language package for destinies 1.04, but the link does not work do you know of another link to dowload this file ? i apreciate your help, thanks

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