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Thread: Bugs (Beta 9 OLD)

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    Bugs (Beta 9 OLD)

    This is for Beta 9:

    Post bugs and complaints about skill balance issues. Too weak, too strong, too high energy cost, etc.

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    Re: Bugs [Beta 9]

    Creature infrequent items that give bonus to certain skills haven't been updated to Path's skills.

    Example: Ker's Fetish currently gives bonus to Volcanic Orb.

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    Re: Bugs [Beta 9]

    Cool thanks!

    I did change (almost) all of the monster items, but I seemed to have missed the expansion pack monster staves.

    In searching through double-checking, I also found a ratman champion item that still had an old skill, so thanks for that as well

    EDIT: Also, Poseidon's Water Prism had 0 energy cost, fixed.

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    Re: Bugs [Beta 9]

    I think the whirlpool for poseidon has 0 energy required too.

    And also sometimes the whirlpool and the geyeser do not work. (very rare but does happen) is that intentional?

    I am using a poseidon/khthoros and I love it (especially poseidon)
    I am in normal egypt and it seems that poseidon would weaken over time due the the spells like chainlighting getting outdated

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    Re: Bugs [Beta 9]

    Aye, I just noticed the whirlpool 0 cost thing, ty.

    Whirlpool and Geyser not firing has something to do with the fact that they are projectiles before they actually summon. I tried to keep them fairly low recharge compared to other spells of their kind..

    Only solution I know of is to take away the projectile function, which means no aiming them anymore.

    On that note though I reduced the cooldown even further, just in case. It'll make them a little more fun to use anyway.

    And Chain Lightning was supposed to level up to 46, but it seems I forgot to raise the cap before beta 9. Fixed.

    Ty for the reports, I miss stuff like this constantly

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    Re: Bugs [Beta 9]

    Also the skeletons from the liche path also hurt themselves very slowly.

    I tried them all out on max points in all skils. (by cheating ) It seems that the Dokkaebi path happens to be the weakest.

    Now in regarding the whirlpool/geyser couldn't you make them shoot over like the nymph? Because I keep hitting monsters in front of me instead of my target.

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    Re: Bugs [Beta 9]

    Wrote a lengthy response then it crashed. So here's the short version:

    -Skeles degen intentionally, you won't notice as much with high level skeles.
    -Dokkaebi is supposed to be the weakest. Requires the most skill and finesse. Most mobs are easy, but bosses require more kiting and debuffing. Etc.
    -I changed the projectile for whirlpool/geyser to be a duplicate of the nymph projectile. Except the visual, of course. Hopefully that will fix it. (I wasn't able to replicate the problem you described before or after the fix.)

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    Re: Bugs [Beta 9]

    I noticed that the chainlightining stops sometimes even if there are targets close by. (is that to make not overpowered?)

    And the animation lingers for like two or three seconds after it has completed sometimes.

    Good job on everything else. so far it looks great. You are doing an amazing job and doing it quickly keep it up! And I can't encourage you to do better because I cant imagine it geting faster and more well done and though out.

    Joshy Boy

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    Re: Bugs [Beta 9]

    When chain lightning doesnt fire at all is a bug related to the template, you get the same thing when the cooldown is very low and you try to cast again too quickly. So I had to find a middle-ground for the cooldown. If it's too annoying I'll prolly take the skill out and put in a passive ability or something. I'd rather not have buggy skills in there. And I fixed the animation, thank you

    I got the tsunami bug, I was inside a plant in hades against a wall and it would never fire from there. Changed it from a fan skill to a wave skill. Makes more sense, works better, isn't overpowered at point blank.

    and again, thanks for the compliments

    (and your signature!)

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    Re: Bugs [Beta 9]

    I love chainlightning plz dont get rid of it

    I also have a suggestion about thunderstorm. in know you changed it but i think it would be cool if the lighting came down like scroll of the skys rage. You could even put a shadow at your feet like a cloud was above your head

    My two brothers were also complaining that it is to easy. Except vs bosses they are fine.
    (mabye 3 humans vs 2 million jackelmen is to easy. We play over our network )

    PS. I like my signature too

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