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Thread: Playable Tigerman v1.9

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    Re: Playable Tigerman v1.7 (Armor fix!)

    It's actually more like a series of 5 minute hacks I did because I was bored...

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    Re: Playable Tigerman v1.7 (Armor fix!)

    Regardless I had tried your mod out after the fixes with animations and the poofing armour very nice changes thanks for making it that much more enjoyable to play your mod. Anyway can I ask how to add that feature to my monsters to the poofing thing? If thats no bother I ask?

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    Re: Playable Tigerman v1.7 (Armor fix!)

    Just an idea - right now for my Lamia mod, I also had problems with armor not clipping right. The lamia has a slightly different upper body structure then the human female, and the armor was attached somewhat off, meaning parts of her body intersected through it.

    I followed Munderbunny's advice in the thread about "Using Viewer to attach meshes" - it's quite simple, actually once you get the hang of it. Simply use Notepad++ to edit the mesh file, you can find the locations of the attachment points for Head, torso, etc listed, and you can change the X/Y/Z coordinates in order to suit you better. For the tigerman, this means you might be able to move the Helmet attachment point up, so that the helmets are placed correctly on their heads.

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    Re: Playable Tigerman v1.7 (Armor fix!)

    The viewer is broken for me. It doesn't show any meshes. Other than that, the helmet isn't attached to the head but to the origin. That means I could only scale it, but it would move away when animating. All the two-part armor (e.g. greaves) use bone merges that don't use attachments at all and the chest armor is so different it wouldn't fit even if I scaled and rotated it.

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    Re: Playable Tigerman v1.7 (Armor fix!)

    Man and I thought I had complications.. Hey Tamschi you adding that trick of your about the armour to forums to poof the armour? light blue armour and monster based always looks plain weird on PC monsters. At least normal armour sets are livable to look at :P

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    Post Armor fix

    It's a C# hack to mod all armor records that don't include a model for a specific monster:

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.IO;
    namespace Hide_TQ_Armor
        class Program
            static void Main(string[] args)
                var folder = @"B:\modding\titan quest\working\hide armor"; // Directory with extracted armor dbrs
                var files = new List<string>();
                files.AddRange(Directory.GetFiles(folder, "*", SearchOption.AllDirectories));
                while (files.Count > 0)
                    var file = files[0];
                    var data = File.ReadAllText(file, ASCIIEncoding.ASCII);
                    if (data.Contains("tigerman") || data.Contains("Tigerman")) // Change to creature. I assumed that either the "armorTigermanMeshName"-field is there or the world mesh was called tigerman-something...
                        Console.WriteLine("Deleted: {0}", Path.GetFileName(file));
                        File.AppendAllText(file, "armorTigermanMeshName,Creatures\\Crashme.msh,\r\n"); // Change name of field to match creature (see generic armor mesh)
                        Console.WriteLine("Hidden: {0}", Path.GetFileName(file));
                var folders = new List<string>(Directory.GetDirectories(folder, "*", SearchOption.AllDirectories));
                while (folders.Count > 0)
                    var f = folders[0];
                    if (Directory.Exists(f) && Directory.GetFiles(f, "*", SearchOption.AllDirectories).Length == 0)
                        Directory.Delete(f, true);
    For use with C# 2008 or newer.

    Copy all records to a folder, delete everything that isn't armor and then run it.

    Adds about 50MB to any mod it is used for (1200+ armor files). Don't forget the xpack armor!

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    Re: Playable Tigerman v1.7 (Armor fix!)

    Holy... Hmm I may try that but wow... sounds extensive.. Need to get the more pressing issues out of way.. What was this X axis you mentioned?

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    Re: Playable Tigerman v1.7 (Armor fix!)

    X axis? You mean MoveAXIS, I guess. It's in the other thread.

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    Re: Playable Tigerman v1.7 (Armor fix!)

    Heh yeah.. I meant that .. my fault for the confusion.. Anyway hope you resolve your own mod naggles Tamschi.. Going to continue to work on mine.. I been watching you and Swift talking about event bound triggers.. Bit out of my league though.. Not asking for help on that one :P

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    Re: Playable Tigerman v1.8 (small fix)

    Just a small fix: The top-left corner pic works now.

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