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Thread: [Nature] Call of the Wild tree

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    Exclamation [Nature] Call of the Wild tree

    Well, the whole tree requires a TON of skill points. I mean, O_O. 16 points for Maul? 20 points for Survival Instinct?? So how much SP are we left with after full investment into CotW? Errr...

    Could it be... um, fixed somehow?
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    Re: [Nature] Call of the Wild tree

    It's fine imo. The wolves are strong like hell when the upgrades are maxed. Maul isn't even a necessity. Strength of the Pack and Call of the Wild is really all you need, those skills are amazing.

    If you didn't notice, all the pets have huge synergy trees. Lich King and Core Dweller BOTH have similarly needy trees. Lich King more so if you ask me, because all his skill are a necessity besides arcane blast.

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    Maul was a lot more useful in vanilla TQ when you didn't have +pet damage items. It was the wolves' main source of DPS (it's still pretty powerful even today).
    CotW is Nature's flagship skill, of course it's expensive.

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