So, as you might have noticed, there's a new forum section dedicated to Crate Entertainment, which is a company formed by former ILE employees, amongst them the lead designer Arthur Bruno, here better known as "medierra".

For their current project Crate has licensed the Titan Quest engine, there is no known name for the project yet. So I've dubbed it with the rather ugly and generic "Project X", which will be replaced once we get a better name
In the "Project X news" section you can read up on the latest news and development surrounding that project.

The "Project X Suggestions" section is meant for suggestions for the new project. medierra won't be able to read them all, so we'll probably put up a sticky with a summarized version of each thread. This in no way means things are going to be implemented, it's to let this community's wishes be known to the devs of Crate Entertainment. What they do with it is their concern, ofcourse.