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Thread: Auto attack/move function.

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    Auto attack/move function.

    Hello everyone. This is my very first post in this forum. So, congratulations, guys. I've been reading this forum for a month, without the need of posting anything. That means, you guys pretty much got everything in here.
    how about adding a new function to the game. This function is an advanced version of the current behavior: click-and-hold to continuously attack/move.
    For normal attack / skill w/o colldown: just click once, and it'll continuously use that skill until target's dead/click at other place.
    For skill with cooldown, it'll use that skill, then use normal attack follow-up, until the skill become ready, use that skill again, then normal attack follow-up, etc until target's dead/click other place.
    For movement, just click once and the character will follow the pointer until I click again.
    Of course, when this idea first comes to my head, I put it away because i gave it "lazy" tag, but after holding the mouse button almost every single second thru act 1~3 to move/attack/move, I must say, my finger hurts bad, really bad.
    For all the guys that finish at least one char at full 3 difficulty modes, you got my full admiration.

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    Re: Auto attack/move function.

    That's what AoE is for.

    The only games I know that have this behavior are probably KotOR and Guild Wars, but I'm totally sure there are others like that. I'm just saying stuff from my limited gameplay experience. Yeah, it would be nice to do that, especially if now your mouse has a whole bunch of fingernail/finger marks on it...

    However, I dunno how it would do on kiting or shooting something from a cliff with VO. I think it's simply a range/shift-click issue, and I'd guess to "deselect" something, you'd have to click somewhere else, and maybe accidentally moving there and maybe aggro-ing another group that you don't want to.

    What I do is assign attack skills or other useful and short recharge time skills to quickslots 1, 2, 3, and 4, put my left hand on them, and use a skill after every few seconds or clicks, whatever. But mostly, I just hold the LMB down on enemies and wait 'til they die. Or for trappers/beastmasters, let them do the dirty work while you stand back and... get a glass of water or something.

    By the way, welcome!

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    fly for fun has a auto attack and move thing but the games of flyff and titan quest are totally different scripting youd have to change alot

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    Dude, stop messing with the dead threads. Necromancy is not appreciated.
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    it doesnt say its dead how do i find out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neonimus View Post
    Necromancy is not appreciated.
    Necromancy is good When needed...
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