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Thread: Lovecraft

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    So, I'd like some interesting classic by this writer. I'm at the end of The Stand by Stephen King and now I'm thinking about what next?


    Forgot, I have Wells' "War of The Worlds" sitting on my shelf. Its rather short, so after 200 pages of The Stand and War of The Worlds, what Lovercraft's novel to read?

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    Re: Lovercraft

    H. P. Lovecraft? I'd say that you'd be best at picking out one of the collections of his stories... I don't think there were a lot of novels. Most of it was stories that were printed in the pulp magazines of the early part of the 20th century like Weird Tales.

    Here's a bibliography...

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    Re: Lovercraft

    K, thx. I went into this without knowing to properly spell the man's name so forgive me ? :P

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    Re: Lovecraft

    At The Mountains of Madness is a "novella"...basically the longest story he ever wrote

    Very good!

    Many famous writers have dabbled and contributed stories to the Cthulhu Mythos (the world/universe setting that all his stories are based around)

    The Tomb & The Festival were 2 of the first short stories of his I read back in high school and was instantly hooked

    Lovecraft was a pen pal of Robert E Howard as well!!!


    Hey Alek, did you ever check out Swan Song ?

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    Re: Lovecraft

    Nope, I did not. Thanks.

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    Re: Lovecraft

    Nice topic in these forums. I'm a huge fan of Lovecraft and Howard and a collector of Weird Tales magazine. I have some stories like original HPL's story (fist time ever released): "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" from May 1941 1st print. I've seen that only one time for sale in eBay and I had to buy it :P I have also some other original prints from HPL and REH + loads of different later collections.

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    Re: Lovecraft

    I liked "Shadow Over Innsmouth", especailly if you don't already know the context.

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