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Thread: [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT

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    [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT

    AllSkins is a mod for Titan Quest - Immortal Throne. Once you load AllSkins on the game, you'll be able to buy more than 300 different bottles, which will change the way your player looks like. The changes done will be permanent (you don't need the mod to keep the player's appearance).

    You can always go back to the original player's look by buying the basic colors from the original vendor in Helos.

    New in version 0.8:

    • 2 out of 6 vendors appear in Helos by default
    • By using an AllSkins's amulet, you can summon all the mod's 6 vendors. Vendors can be summoned - no matter where you are.
    • Adult skins' vendors don't appear in the mod unless you unlock their amulets specifically.
    • 3D Models of the female player without the skirt and with a full-blown dress were added to the mod
    • 100 or more skins were added to the mod.
    • When Soulseekkor's TQ Defiler 1.1.1 will be ready, it will include a feature to even enhance more the looks of your character.

    version 0.8c is a general release. It is ready and is being posted tonight (2009-07-20).

    Please digg it -> Release of AllSkins for TQIT on Titan Quest Forums if you liked the mod, so more people can know about it.

    Please download the version 0.8c on any of the links below (click on SENDSPACE logos):

    On Sendspace -> version 0.8c final

    On Sendspace -> version 0.8c final (.7z format, much more compressed and fast to download)

    What is AllSkins mod? What it Titan Quest Immortal Throne? Find the info here: What is AllSkins Mod?

    Veuillez cliquer sur le drapeau franšais dans les pages (en anglais) au-dessus pour lire les instructions en franšais

    Bitte klicken Sie auf der unten genannten (englischen) Seiten auf die deutsche Flagge um die Anweisungen auf Deutsch zu lesen.

    The instructions on how to install version 0.8 are here.......................................: How to Install AllSkins 0.8

    The "How to use AllSkins 0.8 Guide is here.............................................. ..........: How To use AllSkins 0.8

    Unsolvable by the mod or not related directly to the mod issues:
    • For people who use the fanpatch and are used to the fact that their bottles don't disappear when they leave the game: the newest bottles that are in AllSkins 0.8c but cannot be bought on the fanpatch's Pre-Release version of AllSkins WILL disappear if the user leaves the mod and enters the normal game. This may be fixed with the fanpatch 1.18, where the newest bottles may be added by the person who is responsible by fanpatch 1.18. For non-fanpatch users: all bottles DO disappear if you enter a normal game after using AllSkins. All you have to do is buy the bottle again (and preferentially use it before it disappears when leaving the game).
      Please note that the skin that you have changed to is not affected by bottles disappearing. It will remain, even outside the mod, independently of bottles disappearing or not.
    • Names of bottles may change for 1.17 fanpatch users, since some names used by the mod exist also on the fanpatch, and when the mod is not active, the names stored on the fanpatch are used. Can only be solved by the coordenator of fanpatch 1.18.
    • Visual Guide for AllSkins 0.8 is missing.

    AllSkins 0.8c Fix for TQMM

    This is the fix, which allows to use AllSkins 0.8c and TQMM simultaneously. If you don't use TQMM or you don't know even what it is, you don't need this fix.

    Please download it, and copy the entire contents of the zip file in the

    "C: \Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne \ Resources"

    (or wherever your Titan Quest Immortal Throne\Resources was installed).

    Important: Only the files should be there, please do not create any "AllSkins-08C-TQMMfix" directory!

    Thereafter, the run the batch AllSkins08c_TQMMfix_en.bat (in english) or AllSkins08c_TQMMfix_de.bat "(in german).

    As a proof of feasibility, there is a file that TQM Female means. TQMM users can use this file. All femalepc01_NYours .... files will be changed when you apply this with TQMM. You can check the difference if you buy the Yours Placeholder bottles on Helos (from Jack Sparrow). These skins will have Tanktops from "The Raven" instead of the standard tunic. These Tanktops (instead of the standard colors) can only be seen on the Skirt mod of AllSkins, when buying the Nyours_Placeholder bottles from Jack Sparrow.


    Below there's information about version 0.7a. This version is outdated now.

    Quote Originally Posted by lufe View Post
    Hi girls and guys,

    AllSkins mod 0.7 for TQIT by Fathersquid & Lufe is ready.

    AllSkins for TQIT is a mod that makes available 200+ different skins for Titan Quest Immortal Throne.

    Here's a little sample of the skins available on the mod:

    This mod exists also for Titan Quest. Here is the link for Titan Quest:

    When downloading the mod, the AllSkinsReadmeFirst.html file will explain you in detail how to install the mod.

    The AllSkins Visual Guide by ClosetChemist on the Web is on the Wikia for Titan Quest, and allows you to see all Skins available on the mod. Links below:

    --------->Adult Skins (warning: nude and half-nude female and male skins)

    --------->General (non-adult) Female Skins

    --------->General (non-adult) Male Skins

    AllSkins for TQIT Mod 0.7 English AND French Downloads:

    On Savefile ->

    On Megaupload -> (version 0.7a, with corrected bottles for lower resolutions)

    ClosetChemist's Visual Guide download:


    Screenshot of the available bottles on the Adult version of the mod (the most complete collection):

    (each bottle means a separate skin to choose)

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    Re: [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT

    Changes since 0.8 RC2:

    - Adding skins:
    Alsafysh's Sharks True Harem FaceLift
    Alsafysh/OoALEJOoO's Assassin (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh/Morbiis' Plain Nude Shoeless (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh/OoALEJOoO's NecromancerII (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh/Sharks' Netoweb (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh/OoALEJOoO's Fighter Tan (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh/OoALEJOoO's Fighter White (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh/Zilla's Weekend Warrior (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh/P0as/Sharks' Netoweb Black Recolor (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh's Bdazzled Dark (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh's Bdazzled Lichie Poo (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh's Bdazzled Normal (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh's Bdazzled Sickly Pale (turned to skirtless/added to skirtless vendor)
    Alsafysh's Slaanesh
    Alsafysh's Khorne
    Alsafysh's Sharks True Harem Facelift
    Alsafysh/Morbiis' Plain Nude Shoeless

    - Some rework on Bdazzled Normal (didn't have skirtless part)

    - Some rework on fathersquid NPC (armbands)

    - Some rework on Desiree's Skin

    - Fixed non-appearing Adult vendor on Skirtless mod

    - Fixed Travisko's TigerGirl Orange tag (didn't show that it was Skirt & Skirtless skin)

    - Fixed P0a's Sharks Netoweb Recolors bottles

    Known Issues of AllSkins version 0.8c RC3:

    • Last Skin (cosmetic) change for Vendor Salome is still missing. The vendor is completely functional, though.
    • 2 bottles don't have yet their definitive skin, but are already available. These are Aalsafysh's Morbiis Plain Nude Shoeless and Aalsafysh's Sharks True Harem FaceLift
    • French translation is missing. Will not be corrected on 0.8c, but on 0.8d release.
    • French dialogs are missing. Will not be corrected on 0.8c, but on 0.8d release.

    Issues below are 0.8d related. While 0.8c is meant to be a fully functional release, 0.8d will have some add-ons (not intended for everyone though).

    • AllSkins 0.8 for Titan Quest (not Immortal Throne) is missing. Will be included on 0.8d release.
    • There's still no simple way to change bumpmaps - will probably be solved by using SoulSeekkor's TQ Defiler.

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    Re: [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT

    Fantastic icons! Great job!

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    Re: [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT

    Now everybody can have a easy time playing dress-up!!!

    And to everyone who makes skins, keep them going, with enough new skins, Lufe might be convinced to keep adding merchants!

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    Re: [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT

    Quote Originally Posted by PinkFrog View Post
    Fantastic icons! Great job!
    Thanks - although I have to admit there were times I wasn't sure I had enough imagination to keep coming up with distinctive enough bottles... but they do look pretty good now that all is done...

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    Re: [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT

    Wonderful job guys! I want to ask your permission to include this in the unoffical patch (if luedtke is willing to implement it). But since both projects are still in active development, I'm not sure if that's such a good idea...

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    Re: [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT

    yerkyerk, depending on the way the patch is done, you don't need to include it.

    - If the patch will change the database.arz (which I think it's the way it's going to be), the allskins mod can be used together with it with no need to include it.

    - Only if the patch is going to be a true separate mod, then we can think of including it, it will be nice to have them together.

    Anyway, the AllSkins mod is finished as far as we both (me and fathersquid) are concerned. We may release a new version only if there's 16+ skins to add again. And of course, there will be an update when the french version is complete, but that won't change anything on the AllSkins mod, just add the french translations.

    Thank to you all for the compliments

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    Re: [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT


    Great work. AllSkins mod seems to work flawlessly so far. Do you have a list of the included skins that you could share? (Just a list of the names, not all of the actual files.)
    ClosetChemist's Army

    Asteraea 24 Warden [xmax] ** Autolycus 27 Brigand [xmax] ** Boudicca 36 Warrior **
    Estarra 69 Harbinger ** Karnak 33 Conjurer ** Lady Godiva 56 Dreamkiller [Naked Hardcore RIP]
    Lykopis 55 Haruspex [Lilith] ** Mekira 52 Oracle ** Menas 27 Battlemonk [Masteries] **
    Merekles 56 Slayer ** Paracelsus 20 Thaumaturgist [Masteries] ** Philoctetes 56 Ranger **
    Rhetta Khett 34 Corsair ** Temujin 41 Conquerer

    "Victory belongs to the most persevering." N. Bonaparte

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    Re: [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT

    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetChemist View Post

    Great work. AllSkins mod seems to work flawlessly so far. Do you have a list of the included skins that you could share? (Just a list of the names, not all of the actual files.)
    Check this thread for a list...

    I think Arkeyla's last skin (Tawny Amazon) is the only one added since the last update...

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    Re: [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT

    The actual list is bigger: here

    //All Skins Mod - Female General
    Arkeyla's Blood Marked
    Arkeyla's Dark Immortal
    Arkeyla's Dragon Blue
    Arkeyla's Enchantress
    Arkeyla's Evil Ivory
    Arkeyla's Feral Fatale
    Arkeyla's Forest Stalker
    Arkeyla's Grecian Flower
    Arkeyla's Harem Dancer
    Arkeyla's Jade Lady
    Arkeyla's Jungle Girl
    Arkeyla's Natural Wrath
    Arkeyla's Silvered Steel
    Arkeyla's Sweet Sunrise
    Arkeyla's Tawny Amazon
    Bluecry's Coyote
    Bluecry's Night Girl
    Bluecry's Spider Woman
    Bluecry's Yellow
    Dbztrunkss' Black Dream
    Dbztrunkss' Gothic
    Dbztrunkss' Leather Jacket
    Dbztrunkss' Leather Jacket Fix
    Dbztrunkss' Nice Girl
    I_Raps' Shy Glow Nymph
    I_Raps' Shy Nymph
    IronLore's NinjaGirl
    Kamikaze13's BrownShin
    Kamikaze13's YellowShin
    Madman's DarkChainGirl
    OoALEJOoO's Assassin
    OoALEJOoO's Espectro
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Black
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Brown
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Burgendy
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Crimson
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Gold
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Gray
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Hunter
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Light Blue
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Olive
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Orange
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Purple
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Rose
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Royal Blue
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Slate
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter Tan
    OoALEJOoO's Fighter White
    OoALEJOoO's Frog Girl
    OoALEJOoO's Green Dress
    OoALEJOoO's Lady Death Cleavenger2
    OoALEJOoO's Lady Death
    OoALEJOoO's Paladin Suit
    OoALEJOoO's Purgatory Iced Earth
    OoALEJOoO's Red Suit
    OoALEJOoO's Rojo
    OoALEJOoO's Turquoise
    OoALEJOoO's Yellow Suit
    Phnx's Flaming Bikini Tattoo
    Phnx's Leather Bikini New Skirt Tattoo
    Phnx's Leather Bikini Tattoo
    Shark's Bikini Flaming
    Shark's Bikini Orange
    Shark's Burning Legion
    Shark's Leather Bikini
    Travisko's TigerGirl Gray
    Travisko's TigerGirl Orange
    Travisko's TigerGirl White
    Travisko's Tartarus Girl
    Zax's Bikini Tattooed
    Zax's Bikini Unttattooed
    Zax's Stockings Black 10
    Zax's Stockings White 10
    Zax's Stockings Black 11
    Zax's Stockings White 11
    Your Placeholder Black
    Your Placeholder Brown
    Your Placeholder Burgendy
    Your Placeholder Crimson
    Your Placeholder Gold
    Your Placeholder Gray
    Your Placeholder Hunter
    Your Placeholder Light Blue
    Your Placeholder Olive
    Your Placeholder Orange
    Your Placeholder Purple
    Your Placeholder Rose
    Your Placeholder Royal Blue
    Your Placeholder Slate
    Your Placeholder Tan
    Your Placeholder White
    // All Skins Mod - Female Adult tagDyes
    Avatar2b's Dodds-Ebony Changed
    Dbztrunkss' Spider
    Dbztrunkss' Tattoo
    Dbztrunkss' Undead
    Dodds' Ebony
    Dodds' Tattoo Evil
    Dodds' Tattoo Leather
    Dodds' Tribal
    Ishtara's Magma Girl
    Ishtara's Huntress
    Morbiis' Option1
    Morbiis' Option2
    Morbiis' Plain Nude
    Morbiis' Tigress
    OoALEJOoO's Christmas Elf
    OoALEJOoO's Covered Eyes
    OoALEJOoO's Dark Hunter
    OoALEJOoO's Female Gigantes BlackEyes
    OoALEJOoO's Female Gigantes Vindicator
    OoALEJOoO's Fire Mage
    OoALEJOoO's Fully Nude
    OoALEJOoO's Leather Suit Black
    OoALEJOoO's Leather Suit Blue
    OoALEJOoO's Leather Suit Brown
    OoALEJOoO's Leopard Girl
    OoALEJOoO's NecromancerII
    OoALEJOoO's Necromancer Witch
    OoALEJOoO's Purgatory Cleavenger1 Crimson
    OoALEJOoO's Purgatory Cleavenger1 White
    OoALEJOoO's Red Eyed Hunter
    OoALEJOoO's Succubus
    OoALEJOoO's New Succubus
    OoALEJOoO's The Shadow
    Shark's Dark Elf Girl
    Shark's Golden Age
    Shark's Harem Time
    Shark's Lady Red Kryptonite
    Shark's Netoweb
    Shark's Nude
    Shark's Onslaught Revolution
    Shark's OrUs Red Skirt
    Shark's Plague
    Shark's Simple
    Shark's True Harem
    Shark's Ultra Extreme Edition
    Shark's White Skirt Topless
    The Raven's Topless Black
    The Raven's Topless Brown
    The Raven's Topless Burgendy
    The Raven's Topless Crimson
    The Raven's Topless Gold
    The Raven's Topless Gray
    The Raven's Topless Hunter
    The Raven's Topless Light Blue
    The Raven's Topless Olive
    The Raven's Topless Orange
    The Raven's Topless Purple
    The Raven's Topless Rose
    The Raven's Topless Royal Blue
    The Raven's Topless Slate
    The Raven's Topless Tan
    The Raven's Topless White
    TQMM's Nude Female
    Tyrellcorp's Voodoo Ooahh
    Wuzzel's Blue Lingerie
    Wuzzel's Lingerie02 Black
    Wuzzel's Lingerie02 White
    Wuzzel's RedLingerie
    Zaxs' Devil
    Zax's Topless Tattooed Black
    Zax's Topless Tattooed Burgendy
    Zax's Topless Tattooed Crimson
    Zax's Topless Tattooed Hunter
    Zax's Topless Tattooed Royal Blue
    Zax's Topless Tattooed White
    Zax's Topless Untattooed Black
    Zax's Topless Untattooed Burgendy
    Zax's Topless Untattooed Crimson
    Zax's Topless Untattooed Hunter
    Zax's Topless Untattooed Royal Blue
    Zax's Topless Untattooed White
    // All Skins Mod - Male General
    Kelembribor21's Cursed Warrior
    Kelembribor21's Demon Hunter
    Kelembribor21's Demon Hunter2
    Kelembribor21's Pharaoh
    Kelembribor21's Revenant
    I_Raps' TQ300 Burgundy Tunic Fix
    I_Raps' Nubian (Crimson Tunic)
    I_Raps' Nubian (Golden Tunic)
    I_Raps' Thalys Paladin Dark Haired V1
    I_Raps' Thalys Paladin Dark Haired V2
    IronLore's Ninja Guy
    Madman's Dark Chain Guy
    Maul's CarnivalMask 1.2
    Maul's Demon Ninja 1.2
    Maul's Black Ninja 1.3
    Maul's Black Ninja2 1.3
    Maul's Black Tunic 1.3
    Maul's Blue Tunic 1.3
    Maul's Brown Skin 1.3
    Maul's Carnival Mask 1.3
    Maul's Gold Tunic 1.3
    Maul's Green Ninja 1.4
    Maul's Ranger Jungle 1.4
    Maul's Ranger Ninja 1.4
    SanDiavolo's TQ300 Burgundy Tunic
    Thalys' Leather Clothes 01
    Thalys' Leather Clothes 02
    The Raven's Hairy Male Black
    The Raven's Hairy Male Brown
    The Raven's Hairy Male Burgendy
    The Raven's Hairy Male Crimson
    The Raven's Hairy Male Gold
    The Raven's Hairy Male Gray
    The Raven's Hairy Male Hunter
    The Raven's Hairy Male Light Blue
    The Raven's Hairy Male Ollive
    The Raven's Hairy Male Orange
    The Raven's Hairy Male Purple
    The Raven's Hairy Male Rose
    The Raven's Hairy Male Royal Blue
    The Raven's Hairy Male Slate
    The Raven's Hairy Male Tan
    The Raven's Hairy Male White
    // All Skins Mod - Male Adult Dyes
    SanDiavolo's TQ300 Fully Nude

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