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Thread: Dual Wield Problems

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    Question Dual Wield Problems

    Everyone says that dual wield is incredibly deadly, but for me, with the base skill maxed, it gives less dps than one weapon. Do the special attacks ever overcome the slowing of attack speed?

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    Re: Dual Wield Problems

    Try wielding two fast swords...
    No really,it's gives you chance to hit more opponents in melee (Cross Cut & Turmult) and even 50% more dmg (Hew) and Dual Wield enables you to strike with two weapons at the same time. If you look at ingame DPS it is showing it wrong Only thing that beats this are shield passives from Defense skill tree
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    Re: Dual Wield Problems

    DPS displayed only shows you what happens if you were to always hit with one of the two weapons. However maxing the whole tree will give you about a 50% chance to use two weapons per strike. Now you can see that your actual DPS is much higher, depending on how many points you have in DW skills.

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    Re: Dual Wield Problems

    Thanks. I thought I had just wasted a ton of skill points.

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    Re: Dual Wield Problems

    you will hit twice as fast as you did before..

    it doesnt show the second blade info, but it's there!

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