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Thread: [Guide] Electric burn DOT mage

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    Quote Originally Posted by roguext77 View Post
    what about attributes, how much to put into str, dex for gear to be able to carry.
    152 str for Soulflay Fork, 380 for Korybante's Shield, 440 for Hephaestus' shield. Though you'll probably need to be a Templar for both of those shields.
    358 Dex for the Soulflay Fork.
    Everything else to INT.

    Bearing in mind bonus from items and the stats you get from your masteries.

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    ah.. thanks, now i know how slow-fast i need to put points here and there..

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    Yes. But like he said, unless you're a Templar, don't get strength just to hold a shield.
    Rather, get a shield according to your strength.

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    well, its not even uncomfortable to put shield with +8%strenght then put shield who needs more strenght to wield but gives +20%strenght and other bonuses...
    small ot:

    what items are the best to focus on?
    i have a feeling rings amulets are better for spell damage bonuses, but armor and shields for str dex health bonuses..
    but what about bracers or boots?

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    Any that fit the description. Or Carnus parts.

    Armor is also good for resists, so Demonskin Walkers, for example, would be perfect. Archmage's Clasp, as mentioned, for -recharge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasconron View Post
    Yah... I did a test on a pure poison mage (pure poison gas bombs+plague)...It failed horribly... The damage, well... it really sucked. You'll spend a lot of time running until you get cornered and get killed... a very hopeless attempt.

    I refuse to make the Ternion/Envenom combo because the "poison mage" loses its credibility since you are in essence relying on the damage of Ternion and your staffs elemental damage, rather than the poison damage. And I already have a diviner, which does exactly that.

    I ended up making a DK that is poison dependent using a lethal deathweaver's tip (venom sac relic'd)+envenom +psionic touch. So a really DoT based hit-and-run melee.
    Question: does that teleport attack (soz, the name of the skill slipped from my mind) which hits multiple targets spread the stacked DoT damage from all sources to the mob?
    What you could try is a melee that uses Phantom Strike followed by DR to stun/freeze a group and at the same time put Bleeding, EBD and Poison on them, and then leave them to that while PSing the next. With all the different dmage types, you would have to rely on %total damage stuff and -resists (Sapros), but it could work.

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    Question I'm new! :O

    Your burn DOT mage seems like my cup of tea, but I'd like to use this build with Dreamkiller. I don't quite get what skills work with what skills when it comes to synergy, so I'd like to ask would this build I made work? Dreamkiller I would go about this by first using Poison Gas Bomb then do the usual Dream moves. Do all the +poison damage add on to the Poison Gas Bomb like I think?

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    Yes, the +% poison damage from Nightshade and Toxin Distillation will add to your Poison Gas bomb damage. But your poison damage is not increased by any attribute, which makes it harder to reach high damage without focusing all your gear on +% poison damage.

    I would get the crowd control spells from Rogue first before looking at adding poison damage: Flash Powder and Mandrake on Throwing Knives.
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    Unfortunately there are not many synergies with Rogue in this style of play. While Flash Powder and Mandrake/Knives are nice for crowd control, the Wave and Distort do basically the same, but more effectively. Especially if you have the kind of cooldown that would make knives really good.
    All the melee skills are dead weight, and PGB as area attack is also far inferior to the electric burns.

    The only ok thing to have would be buffed Traps for some extra damage, but that in turn does not work well with sleep.

    Basically, most other masteries are more useful. If you want a Dreamkiller, rather play him as melee.

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    ive got a petmancer/caster diviner that using EBD/pets as its main damage focus and have DW assigned to LMB and vision of death assigned to RMB casting DW then vision of death to make enemies run away is a good combo instead of putting enemies to sleep though i do admit theres not really anyway to reduce enemy resistance considering my gaunlets are SBC for +skills my helm torso and staff is for -recharge (for perma DC) my boosts resist and +skill again necklace for health and =Skill and 2 socrates rings as well with dionyusis wineskin
    although my lich king uses soul blight often which so far seems satisfactory resistance reduction

    i just realised if you make the build with spirit in a way its still freddy krugger style as in your making them run from the "nightmare" before killing them (the nightmare being both the pet and yourself)
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