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Thread: Lilith multiplayer

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    Lilith multiplayer

    My son and I just played through Lilith in a very weird wonder-twins style. The reason is as follows:

    In the initial caves we got two keys per chest. Also got the two tablets in the highlands and under the cemetery. Sometimes I would let him complete a quest, other times I would complete it. Some quests, I could go back and do in single player. The extra bag quest in the cemetery, neither of us could ever complete. I think he talked to the ghost and then I ended up killing the boss skeleton and then nothing would work to advance the quest.

    The game killer came in the swamp. I could get the boat guy to appear but his quest kept saying to go to the highlands even though he had the tablets. Thus we could no longer advance together.

    So I made a toon, copied the save folder onto his computer and then I would complete each quest. When necessary, we would quit and I would again copy the folder over and then we could proceed. Thus we were always identical dual wielding battlemonks throughout the game. Still fun, but not perfect.

    Has anybody gotten better results with Lilith in multiplayer?

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    Re: Lilith multiplayer

    I had similar problems playing with GF long time ago in Lilith 1.0 (in particular, I remember the cemetery problem). We both managed to get through though by portalling each other to the next section/portal stone. We didn't both have all quests complete in our quest logs, but we did complete all quests.

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    Lightbulb Re: Lilith multiplayer

    A friend and me got to the undead tablet or so. I think it all worked because we stayed in sync. We were kind of tearing through it though since we knew what we were doing and I had stashed some decent weapons from my main char.

    Obviously, a 1st play will get things out of order and get lost and miss things. But I do remember we both got our first bag correctly.

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