Hi Everyone,

Here are instructions for playing TQIT in custom with no attachment.


First: all games need to be the same when playing together in custom maps.

So they all have to have the same name, So I chose titanquest as a mod name.

What you do is open Art Manager (this is found by clicking Start button => All programs => THQ => Titanquest - Immortal Throne => Toolset => Art Manager).It is a part of the game installation process.

Click on mod on the top and then => new, and type in "titanquest" as new mod name.
Hit OK

Then do a 'build' from the build menu.

Then you close art manager.


Then you open My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\CustomMaps folder and open "titanquest" mod folder.

In there is two folders "database" and "resources".

Open resources folder and it ought to be empty.

Then navigate to the TQIT folder where the exe file is. This can vary depending on how you loaded the game into the computer. If you do a right click - properties on the game icon shortcut it will give you the location.

In the TQIT game folder is a folder called "Resources", and in there is a file called levels.arc.

Copy this levels.arc and paste it into the custom map spot (resources) mentioned above.


Then you must RENAME that "levels.arc" file in custom maps folder to "Maps.arc"!

And close the folder if you want.

Then you run the game and select "play custom quest" and host.

You will see in the drop list "titanquest~world01.map".

With it you can now host a game or (hopefully) join one.

And PVP can be used!

This contains the entire world of a normal TQIT game but in custom maps, and using the name "titanquest" will keep it uniform so others can make their own map which will be the same.

As I said above, if everyone doesn't have the SAME game it won't work so all use the SAME name.