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Thread: Sandwraiths in Legendary

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    Sandwraiths in Legendary

    I'm just wondering, is there something wrong with these guys? In normal and epic sandwraiths never really stand out, but in legendary they suddenly seem to do three times as much damage as any other enemies in the area. I had a conquerer easily plowing through act 2 legendary suddenly get wiped out almost instantly by a group of sandwraiths. Whatever the deal is, it seems to carry over to the boss at the end of the act too, making it vastly more dangerous than the telkine.

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    Re: Sandwraiths in Legendary

    Yeah they are a lot tougher, I had the same experience as you. Somewhere in the forum there is a thread that discusses the type of damage they do. So once you get your resistences up they are not to bad.

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    IIRC they hit you with %life reduction in addition to their normal (vitality) attack, which can be quite lethal when not resisted.

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