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Thread: Poison, Bleeding and Vitality Damage

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    Poison, Bleeding and Vitality Damage

    I suggest that those types of damage could increase just like physical, piercing and elemental damage, that is, with the three main attributes.

    I think it was already discussed here sometime/somewhere, but couldn't find it in the Balance Fanpatch forum

    For example, the more logical would be:

    - Bleeding Damage increasing with Strenght
    - Poison Damage increasing with Dexterity
    - Vitality Damage increasing with Intelligence

    What do you guys think of it?

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    Re: Poison, Bleeding and Vitality Damage

    Rock-Man discovered that vitality damage is affected by INT, but we haven't figured out what the formula is yet.

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    Re: Poison, Bleeding and Vitality Damage

    You only really have access to bleeding through Hunting and Rogue, so I'd probably have it connected to dexterity too. Part of what hinders bleeding damage is that it doesn't really have many skills devoted to it; it's almost always tacked on as a secondary thing. Really leaning on it requires spreading out among a bunch of relatively unrelated skills, leaving you with inadequate damage because you focused on second-rate skill factors and ignore the main damage sources as a result. That gives me a thought that I'll take elsewhere to the skills page, though.

    I would in general agree with having those damage types raised by stats, and likely keeping their current skill stats as minimums, since they tend to lag behind enough that a pure increase would have little chance of imbalancing them.

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    Re: Poison, Bleeding and Vitality Damage

    I think it's nice to increase all three types of damage in different ways

    My propositions:
    • Letting poison damage stack (should be fun )
    • +%pierce damage also increases your flat bleeding damage (makes sense imo, pierce and bleeding interact realistically, as well as Rogue sporting most bleeding damage as well as depending on piercing damage)
    • Vitality damage - not sure if it needs changing and in what way. I'm interested in the formulae.. There are some really massive ways to increase vitality damage (I think I found an amulet that gives about 100% increased vit damage), I'm wondering if this damage type isn't just simply overlooked..

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    Re: Poison, Bleeding and Vitality Damage

    Flat bleeding damage bonuses is exactly what we need. Currently those are pathetic, and bleeding is quite worthless. Bleeding damage prefixes with good amount of bleeding should be added.
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    Re: Poison, Bleeding and Vitality Damage

    hello from spain, in my humble opinion i agree with both of you, stacking poison damage, it would be a great kind of damage on time, ..or maybe, what about a ralentitation by poison damage? of course Rogue mastery players will be sad to share that, but it is only one suggestion.

    And great idea too the one about including some flat bleeding damage, like vitality damage i suppose. (Like flat vitality damage, not life absortion what is a time damage).

    About increasing these damages by str, dex or int, ..

    -poison is, as i see it, a kind of maldition, so it will be better related with intelligence.
    -vitality with str because is a flat kind of damage.
    -And bleeding with dexterity, in this way bleeding is related with hunting and piercing, so it could be justified someway.

    i suppose this explanation doesnīt math well with the actual game, but it would seem real for me.

    .. and sorry for me not perfect english.

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    Re: Poison, Bleeding and Vitality Damage

    too many things immune to poison, same goes with bleed and vita, forcing poison mages to run away from enemies instead of killing them: i think undead, devices and constructs are immune to them>> i think undead should not be immune as they make up 1/4 of the monster population in TQ. but then again i could be wrong
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