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Thread: Change log

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    Change log

    In here, I'll keep track of the changes for the skill balancing. We'll keep track with different colors. The brighter the hue, the more likely it is to get implemented or rejected. The score will depend mostly on the arguments, but also on the number of people voting for/against it. Once stuff is actually implemented, it will not be easily removed anymore.

    Standard color (Black) = being discussed
    Green = intended to be implemented
    Red = rejected, will not be implemented
    Blue = implemented.

    Spirit Mastery
    Circle of Power
    Liche King tree
    Death Ward
    Vision of Death
    Enslave Spirit
    Deathchill aura tree

    Nature Mastery
    Sylvan Nymph tree
    Brair Ward tree
    Heart of Oak tree

    Warfare Mastery
    Battle Rage tree

    Rogue Mastery
    Disarm Traps
    Calculated Strike/Lucky Hit
    Toxin Distillation
    Lay Trap tree

    Hunting Mastery
    Ensnare tree
    Wood Lore
    Take Down

    Earth Mastery
    Earth Enchantment
    Stone Form, Molten Rock
    Flame Surge tree
    Heat Shield

    Defense Mastery
    Iron Will
    Armor Handling
    Batter/Rend Armor

    Nimbus tree

    Psionic Burn

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    Re: Change log

    I finally updated the changelog - every skill discussed so far should be in here.

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