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Thread: %chance of special green items

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    Lightbulb %chance of special green items

    is there (in a file) a ''list'' of all %chance of an item?

    because i think that it is not balanced:

    i play this game from 2,5 years and the items in a character are (example):
    0 purple 12 blue 1 special green and +of 100 standard green in normal level
    10 purple 27 blue 0 special green +100standard green in epic
    23 purple 25 blue 2 special green +100standard green in legend

    *standard is form merchant, special is from monsters

    the order of chance have to be:
    grey 20%
    white 25%
    standard yellow 12%
    special yellow 8% all yellow total 20%
    standard green 10%
    special green 5% all green total 15%
    blue 10%
    artifact 5%
    purple 5%

    what do you think to chenge the %chance in this?

    about the special green items i think that now is about 0,01%chance!
    becausei have done a custommap with 10.000 monsters and i find 1 special item

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    Re: %chance of special green items

    By special greens do you mean monster infrequents (commonly referred as MI's) such as Stonebinder's Cuffs or Folg?

    MI weapons have 1 in 251 chance to drop, MI armor has varying chances to drop depending on monster, usually from 0,1 to 0,4%.

    Are you really suggesting that 5% of all items that drop should be purple?
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    Re: %chance of special green items

    FHEN, this is a balance patch. If you want to find the best items in the game effortlessly, I suggest you download shopMI.

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    Re: %chance of special green items

    but i don't want to use custommaps and programs to take the items in my player

    PS: in shopMi there are not all special green items

    i want to balance the %of armours, because i think that it is too low...
    so i have completed 5 characters (without cheats and custommaps) and i found only 14 special armours!

    the %chance is too low

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    Re: %chance of special green items

    Ok, my conclusion;
    The numbers you threw up were completely random and show you don't have a good insight in droprate.

    Poinas explained the chance of getting a MI (the things you probably refer to with 'special green'). And even though the chances are quite low, you can farm for them specifically by targetting a specific mobtype.

    So, what becomes clear is that you want to have a higher chance of finding items. I'm not completely against that, as I think the game can be somewhat restrictive with unique weapons, it needs to be carefully balanced though, and you'd first need to find out the chance of any weapon dropping. I also think the chance varies per unique weapon. Some unique's tend to drop more often than others. Without knowing the current droprate, speculating about what the droprate should be is kinda pointless.

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    Exclamation Re: %chance of special green items

    from yerk yerk:

    ''it needs to be carefully balanced ''


    PS:in shopMi there are not:

    armour and helm
    -magician satyr
    helm and arms
    armour, helm and arms
    -brute satyr
    armour and arms
    -Stenos's helm (this item is only in epic level

    armour, helm and arms
    -cerimonial dead
    helm, armour, arms and legs
    -wind bardature
    armour, arms and legs
    armour and arms
    -the bird of sand

    Asia area
    -ictian monster
    -ictian oracle
    armour and helm
    -shaman primitive
    armour and arms
    -lord of war (tiger)
    helm and armour
    -rat(there are 3 kinds of rat)
    armour1(mouse), armour2(n'him), armour3(traveler), arms1, helm1 and legs1.
    -yerren (lord)
    armour, legs and arms
    -exotic arachnos
    armour, helm and arm

    -doctor anuru
    arms and legs
    helm, armour and legs

    How do I find them???
    FIX the chance!

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    Re: %chance of special green items

    How do I find them???
    FIX the chance!
    If, by balancing, you mean giving the player an even greater advantage than he already has and completely ruining the joy you get by finding rare items, than, well, you're in the wrong place. I'm all for well-built arguments, but just screaming around that you want to see something changed because you think it's cooler is not a stance I'm willing to consider. Arguments is what I need.

    This place is created to get feedback from the community about the balance of the game, not to give in to christmas requests.

    Btw, the shopMI seems only to exclude the weaksauce MI's nobody wants.. well, except for Munderbunny with his Sacred leathercraphelm of Focus.
    So I suggest you use shopMI to get the MI's you want and use either Defiler with increased drops or the Community Vault Project to obtain the uniques if you think they appear too little. I'm not sure if Defiler affects MI's.

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    Re: %chance of special green items


    And, leave ERTyrs alone.

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    Re: %chance of special green items

    uff, you know that there are a lot of items that have effectively 0% chance, so why don t you want to fix this?

    about MI items, there are a lot of them that are affected by this... error\bug\injustice

    i don t want to give a ''bonus\extra'' for the character, but only to correct an error (for me this is an error; if for you this is not an error, write ''this is not an error, because...'')

    please if you don't want it
    write only:
    ''i don t agree with you, because this, this and this. stop, don t write poems.

    i repeat the question:
    ''can you fix the %chance of the items that effectively have 0%chance?''

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    Re: %chance of special green items

    "effectively 0% chance"
    Ok, now you're talking out of your bunholio. If the chance is effectively 0%, why do so many people farm for (and actually obtain it by farming) for these items?

    I can't fix it, but I know Munderbunny can Perhaps if you ask him gently?

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