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Thread: Fanpatch FAQ

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    Fanpatch FAQ

    So, this is the Frequently Asked Questions sticky for the fanpatch. If you have additions, by all means post them.

    Q. The installer cannot find my installation of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne
    There are several solutions to this problem, run through them:
    1. Make sure you have an unmodded version of "database.arz" in your [Database] folder.
    2. Try placing the installer in your TQIT root directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Titan Quest Immortal Throne)
    3. Use the 1.15 installer and download the manual patch files

    Q. I'm afraid this patch is going to cause all sorts of problems
    A. This patch was made by community members, it fixes a bunch of bugs but it is not obligatory. We don't get any profit out of creating and distributing the patch. If you don't feel comfortable around installing the patch, than don't, it'll save us a bunch of time dealing with worried 'customers'.

    Q. Will this patch make the game easier or harder?
    A. We didn't intentionally do any balancing, we choose to only fix the obvious bugs for this game. There won't be a big impact for most players. A balance patch is in progress though.

    Q. Ravages of Time is still broken!
    A. You have to activate it manually now, like the Deathchill Aura. We transformed the circle to a square to indicate it's an active skill now

    Q. Some skills can't be raised above their max level, even with +skills.. (e.g. Triumph, Strength of the Pack, Overgrowth, etc..).
    This is a workaround to fix a nasty problem: pets would not use skills above the max level of these skills. By increasing the max level by 4 (without increasing the cap), the pets are now able to use these skills above their previous max levels.

    Q. I get this "grants skills" with -%recharge on it, what's the deal with that?
    A. Previously, affixes that granted -%recharge would simply not work, to make the -%recharge on these affixes work again, we introduced a "grant skill" work-around for it.

    Q. Will characters who have completed the Lurker's quest or other quests with messed up rewards now get the correct reward?
    A. Not automatically. But a work-around was installed, you will be notified that you have to talk to Laches if you miss any of these quest rewards the first time you enter the game with a patched character. Read more here.

    I do slightly more/less damage after I installed the fanpatch
    One of the bugs was the Hades General's Quest, which gave you 5% total damage. This would increase with "+to all skills" to a total of 15% total damage. However, there was no reward for this Quest on Epic and Legendary. The fanpatch fixed this problem so that you get 5% total damage per quest. This may result in small damage differences.

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    Re: Fanpatch FAQ


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    Where is the source for the fan patch?

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    Check the link in yerkyerk's signature...

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    When I wrote "source", what is it that you're thinking of?

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    Source as in location of....

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    Ah! Ok, let me start over.

    Where is the source code for the fan patch?

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    what about saved games from normal titan quest immortal throne will they work after installing the fan patch?
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    I'm going to try asking again. The fanpatch is distributed as an installer routine. Who's got the stuff that goes into the installer routine before it becomes the installer routine. Some might call this the "source" of the patch.

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