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Thread: Maps, Pics and Goodies

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    Re: Maps, Pics and Goodies


    Hey! nice start man

    Why not make a tut for each quest too ?

    I'm agree with Jiaco, it'll be better inside a thread and not with an external link.

    It is, of course, some spoilers, so it is for the Spoiler Forum (Lilith Spoilers) but please open a new thread.
    This one is dedicate to pics or visual goodies not really for reading.

    Keep on your good work Stekel

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    Re: Maps, Pics and Goodies

    @mostal and jiaco
    thx for your reactions

    i agree that i didn't use a good way to put it on the forum, so i will gladly use your advise to do it otherwise and that maybe you guys can tell me exactly how. Putting it in a plain textfile will become unoverlookable and to big to upload ,its gonna become huge i think

    as its only a start, info about quest / sidequest with pictures and maps will follow, (can't access them for now cos my mobo fried and they're on a satadrive, strugling now with a dinosaur p3 500mhz and leaking memory)be patient plz
    because its gonna contain maps and screenies i wasn't sure where to put it, so if i get it right it belongs to spoilers
    the final idea will be that you can jump around the tut by just clicking on a subject of your interest
    all your input/suggestions or idea's are welcome

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    Re: Maps, Pics and Goodies

    Okay stekel, I opened a can of worms for ya.

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    Re: Maps, Pics and Goodies

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    Re: Maps, Pics and Goodies

    (pick up from Lilith TBoJ)

    All warriors knows how streets fight is hard...

    Here is a Diviner (An Alan character) fighting in the city of Elendar with the Insane Difficulty in Legendary !
    (some scenes may hurt sensible people )

    Elendar fight in Legendary Insane Level

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    Re: Maps, Pics and Goodies

    New videos from Alan still with his 'Ubber' Diviner

    Here, He is fighting inside the Mel'Kaan's Temple in Legendary using the INSANE difficulty against the Gorgons and in the second show, he is facing the Great Master :

    Gorgons Fight in Mel'Kaan

    Great Master meeting

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    Re: Maps, Pics and Goodies

    Others Videos, still from Alan but this time it was with his SpellBreaker

    It was recorded with Lilith 1.0 in Legendary :

    So much Danger in the DEAD's PATH

    a Blast toward HEL'GON

    All these videos can be watch in full screen

    See you later for new video
    Thank you

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    Re: Maps, Pics and Goodies

    Hi All,

    2 new videos. Back with to the Alan's Deviner

    This time the battles is heavy in Insane Difficulty, still in Legendary on a faraway island :

    Battle in tall grass

    Green Hell

    Watch them in full screen

    See you later Lilith's fighters and good game to all

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    Re: Maps, Pics and Goodies

    A new video day

    This time we are in Hudra fighting for saving Nikky

    Save Nikky

    And a big spoiler with the very first part of the new quest : The Order of Blood

    To Kizur

    See you later Lilith's friends

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    Re: Maps, Pics and Goodies

    great neanderthaler bosses and a nice touch with the monsters in kizur you made mostal, gonna have to look more then once to find the entrance for it.

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