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Thread: Prefix & Suffix list

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    Prefix & Suffix list


    Divine: +1 to all skills
    Sacred: +2 to all skills
    Defender's: +1 to Defense Mastery
    Sentinel's: +2 to Defense Mastery
    Dreamweaver's: +1 to Dream Mastery
    Augur's: +2 to Dream Mastery
    Pyromancer's: +1 to Earth Mastery
    Archmage's: +2 to Earth Mastery
    Hunter's: +1 to Hunting Mastery
    Tracker's: +2 to Hunting Mastery
    Wanderer's: +1 to Nature Mastery
    Druid's: +2 to Nature Mastery
    Rogue's: +1 to Rogue Mastery
    Assassin's:+2 to Rogue Mastery
    Shaman's: +1 to Spirit Mastery
    Theurgist's: +2 to Spirit Mastery
    Stormcaller's: +1 to Storm Mastery
    Evoker's: +2 to Storm Mastery
    Warrior's: +1 to Warfare Mastery
    Warlord's: +2 to Warfare Mastery

    Annulling/Negating/Nullifying: +%Elemental Resistance
    Aristotle's: +%Intelligence
    Arctic: +#Cold dmg and %Slowed for #secs
    Azurite/Brocade/Galantium/Gossamer/Jeweled/Turanite: +%Energy Regeneration
    Bloodthirsty/Rapacious/Voracious: #Life leech over #secs
    Burning/Smoldering: +#Fire dmg
    Ceremonial: +%Energy leech Resistance, +#Energy regeneration per second, +%Intelligence and +%Increased experience
    Charged/Crackling/Static: +#Lightning dmg
    Colossal/Monstrous: +#Bonus dmg
    Crippling: %Slower attack for #secs
    Crystal/Eldritch/Elysian/Emphyrian/Incubean/Mystic/Seer's/Vade: +#Energy Regeneration per second
    Cyclopean/Herculean/Titanic: +%Dmg and +%Strength
    Dark/Dire: #Vitality dmg
    Dazzling: +#Armor, +#Strength and +%Dmg to demons
    Defiled: +%Poison Resistance, +#Poison retaliation over #secs, +%Poison dmg and -#Health regeneration per second
    Depleting/Draining/Leeching: #Energy leech over #secs
    Disabling: %Slower Attack for #secs
    Dreadful: +#Bleeding dmg over #secs, +#Cold dmg and +#Vitality dmg
    Embossed: +#Health regeneration per second
    Exalted: +%Health regeneration and +%Energy regeneration and some also have +%Armor Protection
    Fiery: #Fire dmg
    Freezing/Numbing: +#Cold dmg
    Frigid: #Cold dmg
    Glacial: #Cold dmg and %Slowed for #secs
    Hale/Hardy/Robust: +%Strength and +%Health
    Hallowed: +%Vitality dmg resistance, +#Health regeneration per second and +1 to all skills
    Honor Guard's: +#Armor, +%Pierce Resistance and +%Stun Resistance
    Impaling/Puncturing: #Bleeding dmg over #secs and #Piercing dmg
    Impenetrable: +%Pierce Resistance
    Indomitable: +%Stun Resistance,%Skill Disruption protection and +#Health regeneration per second
    Insulating: +%Lightning Resistance
    Invoker's/Ritualist's: Bonus to Pets - +#Dmg and +%Dmg or +#Vitality dmg and +%Vitality dmg or +#Elemental dmg and +%Elemental Dmg
    Juggernaut's: +%Elemental Resistance, +%Stun Resistance, +%Dmg and +#Health regeneration per second
    Lethal/Tainted/Venomous: #Poison dmg over #secs
    Lithe: -%Reduction to all requirements, +%Energy Regeneration and +%Health Regeneration
    Massive: #Bonus dmg
    Molten: #Fire dmg and #Burn dmg for #secs
    Mountaineer's: +%Cold Resistance, %Reduced Freeze duration, %Slowed attack for #secs, +#dmg and +#Health regeneration per second
    Murderous: +%Dmg, %Chance of %Reduction to enemy's health and +OA
    Negating: +%Elemental Resistance
    Noxious: #Poison dmg for #secs
    Occult: +%Elemental Dmg and +%Casting Speed
    Padded: +%Energy Regeneration
    Petrified: %Chance to fumble attacks for #secs and %Slowed for #secs
    Philosopher's/Sage's: +#Energy
    Piercing/Stinging: #Pierce dmg
    Plato's/Socrates': +%Intelligence and +%Energy
    Poisonous: #Poison dmg over #secs
    Prismatic: +%Elemental Resistance, %Dmg reflected and +#Elemental dmg
    Protective/Resistant: +%Fire or Cold or Lightning Resistance
    Puppetmaster's: Bonus to Pets - +#Health and +%Total Speed
    Purifying: +%Poison Resistance
    Relentless: +%Dmg, +#Strength and +%Attack Speed
    Ritual: +%Energy leech resistance, +#Dmg to Undead, Demons, Magical and %Less dmg from Undead, Demons, Magical
    Rugged/Stalwart/Staunch: +#Armor and +%Energy Regeneration
    Ruthless/Ferocious: +%Dmg and +OA
    Sacrificial: -%Health, -#Health regeneration per second and +%Increased experience
    Sanguine: #Life leech over #secs
    Savage: +%Dmg and +OA Despot's: +%Total dmg
    Savant's: +#Energy and +%Energy Regeneration
    Spellbound: +%Elemental dmg, +%Energy and -%Energy cost but some also have +%Energy Leech Resistance, +%Energy Regeneration and +%Energy absorption from attacks
    Stately: +%Strength, +%Intelligence and +%Dexterity
    Summoner's: Bonus to Pets - +#Elemental dmg and +%Elemental dmg
    Thundering: #Lightning dmg
    Transcendent: %Bleeding resistance, %Elemental resistance, %Poison resistance, %Vitality Dmg resistance and +%Energy regeneration Biting: +#Cold Damage, +#Energy Regeneration per second
    Treacherous: %Chance of %reduction to enemy's health, #seconds of Skill Disruption and +OA
    Triumphant: +%Armor Protection and %Dmg Reflected
    Tyrant's: +%Total dmg
    Unholy: +%Vitality dmg and +%Energy drained (+%Energy drained causes dmg)
    Veteran's (Armor): +%Dmg Resistance, +%DA and %Chance to Avoid Projectiles
    Veteran's (Weapon): +%Dmg, +%OA and +%Attack Speed
    Volcanic: +#Burn dmg over #secs and +#Burn dmg
    Weightless: -%Reduction to all requirements


    Agony: #Electrical Burn dmg over #secs, %Chance to Fumble attacks for #secs and %Slowed for #secs
    Annihilation/Devastation: +%Dmg
    Asylum/Refuge/Sanctuary: +%Armor Protection and +#DA
    Augury/Divination/Erudition: +%Intelligence, +%Energy and +%Energy regeneration
    Barbs/Thorns: %Chance of #Piercing retaliation
    Brimstone/Sulfur: +%Fire dmg and +#Fire dmg
    Carnage: +%Dmg
    Cat/Lynx/Tiger: +%Total Speed
    Chaos/Havoc/Mayhem: +%Dmg and %Chance of #secs of Stun
    Clout/Might: +#Strength Convocation: Bonus to Pets - % of Attack dmg converted to Health and +%Total dmg
    Concentration: -%Recharge
    Corrosion: #Reduced armor for #secs
    Dazing/Paralysis/Stunning: %Chance to Stun
    Demonology: +%Dmg to Demons
    Devouring/Feasting: #Vitality dmg, %Attack dmg converted to Health and +%Life Leech
    Dissolution: #Reduced armor for #secs
    Eagle/Falcon/Hawk/Osprey/Owl: +%Pierce dmg and +#Pierce dmg
    Endowment: +#Energy regeneration per second and +#DA
    Enslavement/Subjugation: Bonus to Pets - +#Armor and +#Health
    Expertise/Mastery/Prowess/Supremacy: +#OA
    Expertise/Mastery: +#DA
    Flame: +%Fire dmg and #Fire dmg
    Focus: +%Energy Regeneration and -%Recharge
    Foresight: +%Intelligence and +%Energy
    Fortitude: +%Sleep Resistance
    Frost/Winter: +%Cold dmg and +#Cold dmg
    Glade: +%Pierce dmg, %Chance to avoid Projectiles and +%Less dmg from Beastmen and some also have +%Health Regeneration and +%Energy Regeneration
    Gods/Heroes: +%Total Dmg, +#Health and +#Energy
    Gryphon: +%Attack Speed, +%Elemental dmg, +#Elemental dmg and +%Energy regeneration
    Guile: +%Bleeding dmg, +%Poison dmg and %Chance to avoid projectiles
    Harrowing: %Reduction to Enemy's Health and %Chance to Stun
    Hunt: +%Pierce dmg and +%Movement
    Ice: +%Cold dmg and #Cold dmg Willpower: % sleep resistance Mayhem: %Chance of #secs of Stun, +%Damage
    Immortality/Permanence/Vitality: +#Health
    Impetus: +%Slow Resistance
    Intellect: +#Intelligence
    Legends: %Elemental Resistance and +%Energy regeneration
    Magus: +%Intelligence, +%Energy, +%Energy regeneration and -%Recharge
    Mana/Power: +#Energy and +%Energy Regeneration
    Momentum: %Slow resistance
    Necromancy: %Dmg to Undead
    Nightmare: +#Vitality dmg and %Chance to Stun
    Pegasus: +%elemental Resistance, +%Elemental dmg, +%Energy regeneration +%Movement
    Prowess: +#DA(Defensive Ability) Adroitness/Alacrity/Haste/Speed: +%Attack Speed
    Reckless Power: +%Dmg, +%Strength, +%Attack Speed and -#Health regeneration per second
    Regeneration/Renewal: +%Health Regeneration
    Respite: %Chance of %Dmg reduction and +%Energy Regeneration
    Retribution/Vengeance: %Chance of #Life leech retaliation per second and +%Energy Regeneration
    Rime: +%Cold dmg and +#Cold dmg
    Ruin: #Reduced Armor for #secs
    Rumination: -%Recharge Decay: #Reduced armor for #secs
    Shelter/Warding: +%Armor Protection
    Smiting: %Chance of %Reduction to Enemy's Health
    Solidity: %Energy leech resistance, %Stun resistance and +#Health regeneration per second Lightning: +%Lightning dmg and #Lightning dmg
    Stability: +%Energy leech Resistance, +%Stun Resistance,+%Energy Regeneration and +#Health regeneration per second
    Storm: +%Lightning dmg and #lightning dmg
    Tempest: +%Lightning dmg +#Lightning dmg
    Thunder: +%Lightning dmg and +#Lightning dmg
    Torment: #Vitality dmg and %Chance of #secs of Stun Campaigning/Journeying: +%Movement
    Torture: +#Electrical Burn dmg over #secs, %Slowed over #secs and %Chance to Fumble Attacks
    Travel: +%Movement
    Trickery: +%Attacks Speed and %Chance to Dodge Attacks
    Unconstrained/Unshackled:+%stun resis,+%sleep resis,+% reduced entrapment,+%reduced freeze,+%slow resis
    Wilds: %Chance of #Piercing retaliation, +%Health and +%Energy Regeneration
    Winds: +%Dexterity and +%Attack Speed

    I didn't make the list, actually copied it from here:

    But I figure WE need a list here as well


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    Re: Prefix & Suffix list

    That is...adequate.

    EDIT: First View and First Post !
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    Re: Prefix & Suffix list

    A few corrections. Might have missed some.

    Durable/stout +armor
    Cleansing +% poison res
    Hardened +% pierce res
    Cruel/Brutal/Ruthless/Merciless/Ferocious : +%Dmg and +OA
    Radiant/Dazzling: +#Armor, +#Strength and +%Dmg to demons
    Spirit/Mana/Power: +#Energy and +%Energy Regeneration
    Acuity/Insight/Eruidition/Intellect: +#Intelligence
    Finesse/Dexterity/Grace/Adroitness +dex
    Brawn/Virility/Clout/Might: +#Strength
    Flaming/Burning/Smoldering: +#Fire dmg
    Desecrated/Defiled: +%Poison Resistance, +#Poison retaliation over #secs, +%Poison dmg and -#Health regeneration per second
    Rejuvenation/Restoration/Regeneration/Renewal: +%Health Regeneration
    Burning/Smoldering/Blazing: +#Fire dmg
    Colossal/Monstrous/Massive/Heavy: +#Bonus dmg
    /Philosopher's/Sage's: +#Energy
    Alleviating/curative/Purifying: +%Poison Resistance
    Sanguine/Bloodthirsty/Rapacious: #Life leech over #secs
    Immortality/Permanence/Vitality/Life: +#Health
    Molten/Volcanic: +#Burn dmg over #secs and +#Burn dmg
    Keen/Piercing/Stinging: #Pierce dmg
    Rigid/Tempered/Impenetrable: +%Pierce Resistance
    Reprisal/Retribution/Vengeance: %Chance of #Life leech retaliation per second and +%Energy Regeneration
    Essence/Mana/Power: +#Energy and +%Energy Regeneration
    Lithe/Light/Weightless: -%Reduction to all requirements
    Archmage's: +% attack speed, +% elemental damage (staves only)

    Respite doesn't add mana regen, neither does Transcendent or Rugged/Stalwart/Staunch.
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    Re: Prefix & Suffix list

    Sorry for the outrageous necro-bump, but is this thread worth stickying? It seems extremely useful to me.

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    Re: Prefix & Suffix list

    I agree! Sticky this thing.

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    About the Cruel/Brutal/Ruthless/Merciless/Ferocious : +%Dmg and +OA. Do they still drop in IT? I can imagine that they are rare but I can't remember ever seeing those affixes on any item.

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    Must be why I have never seen them before, although I have played TQ quite a lot.
    Good luck against Spain btw

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    Missing campaigning (rare suffix) I think, +% movement speed.

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    If this list is to be "useful" it should be on a spread sheet with other information like what items can have the effect... like what can "Sacred" spawn on. I've seen it on an amulet. Also, information about rarity could be included as well. In short, I give the list a C+, but it could really be an A with a little more information.

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