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Thread: Warrior's Bracers

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    Warrior's Bracers

    Is it just me, or are the Warrior's Bracers from the epic Warrior's Panoply set pretty damn good?

    264 Armor Rating
    +33% fire resistance
    +24% shield block
    +25% damage
    +315 health
    +26% attack speed
    +2 to Weapon Training.

    On my Warden, not even having Weapon Training, I'm reluctant to replace these with anything, even Stonebinder's.

    What's up with these?

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    Re: Warrior's Bracers

    or you can switch to this :

    Conqueror's Bracers
    492 Armor

    50% Fire Resistance
    +4% Shield Block
    +47% Damage
    +450 Health
    +37% Attack Speed
    +2 to Weapon Training
    +1 to Concussive Blow

    although Warriors Bracers has higher Shield Block % which I think is a bug,but the rest is upgraded of what Warriors Bracers can give

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    Re: Warrior's Bracers

    Yeah, that is pretty sweet. And you're probably right about the shield block on Warrior's Bracers being a bug. 24% is a pretty huge bonus.

    Dang, I don't want to use bugged items.. I guess I'll have to look for that Conqueror's Bracer, or just use my legendary Stonebinder's with +36% AS. =/

    Which do you think is better for a Warden?

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    Re: Warrior's Bracers

    If you have other source of +to all skills (Aprodite's Favor to be exact cause it offers good attributes),go for the Conq.Bracers.You're SBC is OK too.Bracer of the Argonauts is pretty good to for Warden I think.

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    Re: Warrior's Bracers

    where can i farm for these conqueror's bracers(sorry if the question is newbish)

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    Re: Warrior's Bracers

    Typhon normal .. I think there's actually a spreadsheet where you can see values of where to find stuff

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    Re: Warrior's Bracers

    Whoa, whoa. This thread's over a year old! Eh, I got conq's Bracers from a Bone Pile in Egypt Legendary, not normal.

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    Re: Warrior's Bracers

    ah, I thought, Warrior's .... I hadn't thought of conq bracers.

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