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Thread: Tips for building good conjuer

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    Tips for building good conjuer

    I really this char but have to relie on the liche king a lot which since this is my second build I already know he's not going to cut it against Typhon. How do you build a conjurer that can take down typhon?

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    Re: Tips for building good conjuer

    This thread belongs in the Earth or Spirit forum

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    Re: Tips for building good conjuer

    Actually, I have to say that my highest dps Normal difficulty character to date has been a conjurer (only caster I've finished so far) - in another thread I commented that he was 1000 dps but playing him this weekend in Act IV I noted that he had 1400 dps at level 38.

    Casters are squishy - do everything you can to stay out of melee and use your pets (that fireball with the stun shards helps). Your pets are pretty weak in Normal but start to shine after that. In Normal with a decent fire build and a liberal addition of ternion, if the mobs make it to melee range they die from taking a full ternion blast in the face.

    My verdict is still out on the higher difficulties.

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    Re: Tips for building good conjuer

    Max Eruption and cast it at Typhon's feet. Be careful no to do it when he has his thorns up or is about to cast them. Rinse and repeat.

    Or get Liche to 5 pts and get Typhon's attention and stay at safe range. While you kite Typhon's attacks, the Liche will down Typhon.

    Or just max Ternion and Arcane Lore and blast Typhon to hell. Try to get at least 2 projectiles to hit Typhon at every attack, this naturally requires you to stay a bit closer to him, and you might need some fire/lightning resistance.

    All these tactics are very efficient and safe when executed correctly.
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