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Thread: Normal finished... finally

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    Normal finished... finally

    Yeh I just finshed it, and the ending stats are these:
    DPS:Some 750 with full buffs, battle marker puts it to over 1000

    I didnt check the resistances and the armor rating, so you wont get to know those...

    Sooo.... How did i fare for a first timer?

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    Re: Normal finished... finally

    Do you have IT or not? What class are you playing?

    All of those stats look good.
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    Re: Normal finished... finally

    Yeh i have it, and im a harbinger(which means that the dps is really even higher becouse of the dual wield). Most of my deaths came from attacks that look like nothing but a little rocks and so and BAM, Im dead

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    Re: Normal finished... finally

    Sounds like work of Barmanu.

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    Re: Normal finished... finally

    Congrats, I have the same number of deaths with my ranger.
    Ur DPS is better than mine which was around 300+ at best in normal.

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    Re: Normal finished... finally

    Quote Originally Posted by Matseb2611 View Post
    Sounds like work of Barmanu.

    yeah the Normal mode tormentor

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    Re: Normal finished... finally

    Hm who was he?The neanderthal guy? dont remember Those walking war machines killed me once too, the more dangerous looking fireball does nothing and the little balls killed me with a single shot Also I died twice to those dactyls, the wave they use does pretty bad....

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    Re: Normal finished... finally

    And there is something really funny i managed to create: My weps slow enemies down by at least 40 % and the distort reality by50%. All spear foes were stuck on their spots

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    Re: Normal finished... finally

    distort reality does xx seconds stun doesn't it -> you mean distortion wave.. I still have that as well level 1 but it rocks because you get a nice number of additional hits in

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    Re: Normal finished... finally

    Oh yeh i mean... Too much distortion for me

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