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Thread: Problems Installing Digital Download if Immortal Throne

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    Problems Installing Digital Download if Immortal Throne

    I purchased a bundle package of Titan Quest and Titan Quest: Immortal Throne from I installed and activated Titan Quest with no problems and played the game for an hour or so, but when I attempted to install Immortal Throne I was prompted that no valid installation of Titan Quest could be found. I've tried every available folder related to the Titan Quest download, but am always prompted with the same message. I have my activation codes and have even registered both games. I've e-mailed my problem to THQ and, but no word yet. (I think only offers assistance with the actual downloading itself.) Any ideas how to remedy this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Problems Installing Digital Download if Immortal Throne

    D2D should be the ones responding to you on this one.

    When you get a reply from one or the other please post back to let the rest of us know how to properly remedy this situation. Personally Im waiting to hear back from Direct2Drive because their servers won't let me activate Imortal Thrones, it says something like too many activations yet I've only activated it one twice. Once when my PC was running WIndows Vista then I reformated the hard drives and went back to using Windows XP again and activated it for XP now for some unknown reason I go to start the game today and it tells me I must activate the game, but I already did when I first installed it back on November 29, 2007 so there online system is whacked and I think it has to do with the problem you are experiencing as well. Anyway do let us know how you get it resolved.

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    Re: Problems Installing Digital Download if Immortal Throne

    There is something wonky with D2D's Bundle pack - I own it as well and it continuously would deactivate itself for no apparent reason, up until it decided I had activated it too many times that is .

    Unlike the OP, I managed to install IT just fine - but now I am stuck with the same activation problems as City_Builder.. with no reply from D2D about it [though they will send new activation codes if requested].

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    Re: Problems Installing Digital Download if Immortal Throne

    I resolved the issue by uninstalling Titan Quest and re-installing it from the original downloaded file. Then I successfully installed Immortal Throne. I got an e-mail from Direct2Drive later that seemed like a generic, pre-scripted troubleshooting checklist, but I had already fixed the problem. Well, "fix" might be stretching it, but I installed the game. Mostly, it was stuff about having an up-to-date browser, correct firewall settings, etc. There's a bit about having a corrupt file and the necessity to re-download the file, and then installing the game once again, but I didn't have to do so. Here's the e-mail in case it offers any assistance to anyone:

    First step: What is your browser version? IE is currently 7.x and FireFox is 2.x It is essential that you update your browser and run all updates on Windows and your hardware prior to seeking support. These updates may resolve your issue.

    Corrupt files must be deleted before redownloading. If not, the download will repeat the problem. Please delete the file and download it again.

    Please make sure your firewall and pop up blocker are configured.

    If necessary:

    Please press CTRL+ALT+DEL and shut down any program not needed at the moment in Task Manager> Processes, then try executing the file again.

    If the problem persists, we recommend FireFox. Firewalls have a tendency to close IE easily.

    To download and install FireFox please go here:

    Please make sure your temp files are not full:
    Close all but one browser window
    Empty your browser cache
    Empty temporary internet files
    Close all Internet Explorer windows
    Restart Internet Explorer

    Tips for a better download experience:
    1. Turn off all other internet applications. Leave your connection available for your download only. Some lesser quality connections will benefit from this. Depending on your connection speed and your computer's hardware, multitasking while downloading may not be a good idea.

    2. Update your Windows operating system using Windows Update to make sure your Windows Operating system has the latest in security updates and drivers. DirectX and Internet Explorer are 2 of the most important to keep up to date.
    Also, check the bottom right hand corner of the webpage for a red circle with a white minus sign. If this is present, the site is restricted. Please double click the circle and highlight the link to our websites. Click Summary and allow our site.

    3. Update your hardware drivers as recommended at your hardware manufacturer's website. Even modems and network cards have updated drivers that may actually improve the quality of your internet experience by performing more efficiently.

    4. One download at a time. Your connection does not give the same speed to all downloads. If you have a 1 meg connection, it will split it between downloads not give 1 meg to each file. And don't forget, anything else you do while downloading steals it away from your download too.

    LARGE FILES: If you have only tried the single larger file, please return to your Direct2Drive account page and go to the Download agin. Choose the 2 smaller files.


    Apparently, there's a bit of discussion going on about why Iron Lore met its demise, some pointing to piracy, others pointing towards the faulty security measures they implemented with the game. Here's a sample of such discussion at PC Gamer's forums:

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