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Thread: TQVault 2.14 Released

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    TQVault 2.14 Released

    I am back for a little while. So I am releasing TQ Vault 2.14. It is based upon the TQVault 2.13 Beta release by EJFudd.

    For those of you that are unfamiliar with TQVault: It is a tool that you can use outside of the game to manage your inventory. It provides unlimited storage space via named vaults which you can use to store all your phat lewt. It allows you to trade items between your characters with ease. It also facilitates trading items via email with other players. It also allows you to do some cheating type stuff, such as remove relics from items, or change your relic completion bonus, or copy items or create set items.

    Installation Instructions
    The installer requires .Net Framework 3.5. The installer will prompt you to install this package if necessary, but some users have reported problems with this feature. I recommend you download and install the framework before trying to install TQVault.
    Other than that, just run the installation and you should be all set.

    Download Links
    TQVault 2.14 Installer: - Hosted on - Hosted by IGN - Hosted on
    This is for those of you that cannot install .Net 3.5 for some reason. Just unzip the file wherever you want to have TQVault installed. Make sure you have .Net Framework 2.0 installed. Also you might need to install VC 2008 Redistributable Package.

    TQVault 2.14 VS 2008 Source Code (Only useful for programmers that might want to fiddle with the program):

    Changes since v2.12

    TQVault v2.13 BETA1 by EJFudd
    Change Extract Diaglog for IT database
    Fixed decoding for:
    When .dbr extension is not written into item
    Skill Descriptions for buff skills
    Augmented pet skills
    Granted skill level
    Use single value when min and max are the same
    Sleep Damage / Resistance
    Reduced Resistance
    Bleed Resistance
    Skill Disruption Damage / Resistance
    +Total Speed
    +Total Damage
    Slow Resistance
    Reduced Confusion
    Reduced Entrapment
    Increased Projectile Speed
    Freeze / Reduced Freeze Duration
    Energy Drain
    Chance for Character Effects
    Chance for Offensive Modifiers
    Chance for Retaliation Modifiers
    Percent Life Retaliation
    Reduced Damage Percent

    TQVault v2.13 BETA2 by EJFudd
    Fix issue with creating new vaults
    Change color of requirements to grey
    Fixed decoding of Artifact creation gold cost

    TQVault v2.13 BETA3 by EJFudd
    Fix decoding of racial bonuses for multiple races
    Added dynamic level decoding which counts number of attributes (still needs testing)
    Fixed static level decoding issue with string comparisons
    Changed some UI behavior:
    Add mouse click to enter vault
    Changed focus to "Enter Vault" button upon resource load complete so Enter and Space bar will enter vault
    Added deleting items with right click
    Added relic removal with right click
    Added rough properties screen

    Changes in BETA-4 by bman654
    - Fixed bug in database extraction tool for non-US versions of Windows.
    - Right-click on an item and you have the option to change the itemSeed.
    - Right-click on an artifact/charm/relic or item with a charm/relic and you can see all possible completion bonuses for that item and their chance of occuring in the game. You can also change the completion bonus by just selecting a different bonus.

    Changes in BETA-5 by bman654
    - Comes with an installer. In theory this will make sure all the VC stuff gets installed.
    - Right click and item and you have the option to make a copy of the item.
    - Right click a set item and you have the option to create the rest of the items in the set.

    Changes in v2.14 by bman654
    - Fixed crash bug with Azurite Armbands
    - Fixed (hopefully) bug with TQVaultMon not being able to find/start Titan Quest when you click the "Start TQ" button.

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    Re: TQVault 2.14 Released

    Awesome, as always thanks for the hard work Bman.

    Author of the TQ Defiler.NET. Get more information here or email me!
    Newest version of TQ Defiler is 1.3.9 released 6-29-14!

    Click here for the GD Defiler official thread (includes download - Titan Quest compatible)!

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    Re: TQVault 2.14 Released

    Aren't you fed up with making cheating tools ?

    TQ really misses some closed servers.

    sorry guys but for me you suck, no offense for the hard work you put there.

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    Re: TQVault 2.14 Released

    Thanks a lot for this!

    And Elvith, TQVault, even with its new functionality of copying and creating items as well as changing completion bonuses is nowhere near other means of cheating. The items are still like they can be found in the game, although the user might have robbed himself of the fun of finding them...

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    Re: TQVault 2.14 Released

    Will this installer over-write my current Vault? Or will I need to un-install first?

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    Re: TQVault 2.14 Released

    Exelent Bman. Thank you very much.

    @Elvith: Save your holy attitude for somewhere else and stop assuming that everyone is playing online and are cheating just because those programs exists.

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    Re: TQVault 2.14 Released

    Thanks Bman. (and EJ for the interim builds)

    TQVault enables me to get the best "bang for my buck" enjoyment from the game within the limited time I have available to play (solo or lan). I don't need the drudgery of farming with every single toon for every single piece of gear or alternatively creating huge numbers of "bank" characters to transfer gear through the caravan (now that I have IT).

    Even IL recognised the principal need behind TQVault's creation - hence the caravan in IT.

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    Re: TQVault 2.14 Released

    @Batman - I am using a new installer. It will overwrite the old TQVault with the old installer if you point it at the same location but I don't know if it will "remove" the old TQVault from windows registry (ie add/remove programs might have 2 listings for tqvault). If that bothers you, then uninstall the old one first.

    @Elvith: People cheat with or without this program. No closed servers = lots of cheating. If people want to be honest then great. If people want to play single player and cheat then great. If people want to play MP then play with someone you know and trust in this game. I refrained from adding the really heavy cheat options until now when the game community has dwindled and the cheat impact is less. All the griefers have moved onto other games so these cheats are primarily going to be used by consenting players.

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    Re: TQVault 2.14 Released

    The installer does overwrite the old program if you point to the same directory. It creates a new desktop shortcut, but your old shortcuts will still work, so I just deleted the new one (and kept the old shortcut with an icon I found somewhere).


    And yes, it does put another entry in the Registry.

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    Re: TQVault 2.14 Released

    Thanks for this from me as well...IMHO this is one of 2 of the greatest programs for TQ ( The Defiler being the other ). I can't play without it, and it just keeps getting better and better...

    And I don't view this as a cheat, as it doesn't directly boost your character, it just makes inventory management easier and more fun. In my opinion, this was one of the greatest weaknesses of TQ ( and Diablo for that matter ) and I for one am glad this program exists.

    Mega-thanks again to Bman and EJ for the continued development of this program...

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