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Thread: - Resistance builds help

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    - Resistance builds help

    Well, i'm torn between 2 exclusive build i'm making to get the most out of my Sapros the Corrupter. I'm going to be drawing heavily on Dream's ToW to make it happen (-32% resistance is just awesome, never mind the damage), and i'm now making a tough decision between Spirit and Earth as the other mastery. Here's what i'm thinking for each...


    dream build: TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Evoker

    - Trance of Wrath for obvious reasons
    - Ring of Flame to make an aura of doom
    - Flame Surge to take further advantage of the - resistances and/or take out enemies that can withstand the aura of doom
    - psionic touch for more damage
    - the entire Lucid Dream line because it rocks
    - phantom strike with dream stealer for even more mayhem
    - Volativity because it's just sick
    - eruption as a boss killer
    - Stone form and DR as panic buttons
    - distortion field for survivability
    - Earth enchantment with brimstone for melee damage

    i can see this build being a powerhouse in the damage department, but being a major mana drain...i dont know how viable it will be on a mostly melee-oriented character. also, on a somewhat related note, i am unsure if earth enchantment and volativity apply to spells (i'm sure the issue has been tackled somewhere but i'm too lazy too check ). lastly, the lack of pets could be an issue; in my spirit build i have points left over to get pets and take advantage of nightmare. i dont know how big an impact that will have on gameplay. nevertheless, a build with pure ToW + RoF + flame surge + sapros will still be awesome


    dream build: TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Diviner

    - ToW again
    - Deathchill aura with Necrosis instead of Ring of Flames
    - Life drain + cascade to take advantage of lessened resistances, get life back, and/or finish up any enemies not killed by aura
    - the entire Lucid Dream line because it's fantastic for melee characters
    - distortion field to help keep me alive
    - psionic touch for added damage
    - phantom strike and dream stealer for even more carnage
    - distort reality as a panic button
    - nightmare and liche later on for added help (optional)

    this seems to me as more viable on a melee character. i am concerned about enemies with very high vitality damage resistance that can resist the deathchill aura before i get necrosis, but other than that it looks like it'd be a blast to play

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    Re: - Resistance builds help

    Both of your planned builds seem like they will be fun and will go far. But how come you didn't consider distortion wave at all? It's one of the best debuffing skill trees in my opinion.

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    Re: - Resistance builds help

    i personally don't really like DW in melee builds...takes too much energy (kind of hypocritical considering my evoker build but w/e ) and i dont find the effects too useful

    now with casters and ranged builds, i make sure it's the first thing i get. slow em down, run away, light em up, repeat. easy way to wipe out a lot of enemies. with melee though, i'm close enough to use DR if i need to run away and i won't have much of a need for kiting enemies around

    i dunno. just my preference

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    Re: - Resistance builds help

    me again. decided to go with the Diviner build because of more -resistances (from necrosis) and i love the liche offense to the CD

    Penelope the Diviner is currently level 10 with the following build:

    TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Diviner

    my plan is to get both auras and necrosis maxed out ASAP, followed up by lucid dream (for the extra electrical burn and vitality damage), dream stealer, and phantom strike.

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    Re: - Resistance builds help

    Yeah I find distortion wave to be even more useful for archers than for melee fighters.

    Which other aura except for deathchill aura are you going for? The Spirit ward? It's a one point wonder actually, and so is its synergy.

    So are you going to get a Nightmare too? So then you can have two powerful pets flying around and sucking life off enemies.

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    Re: - Resistance builds help

    i'm putting a lot of consideration into spirit ward. the thing is, i'll already be losing 4 energy/second before it, and 6 energy/second with it. and i'll have ToW + deathchill which is (currently) killing things pretty quick. once i get necrosis, though, nothing will stand a chance

    yeah, later i'm going with liche + nightmare. probably directly after i get my aura of doom up and running

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