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Thread: Avengers for dummies...

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    Question Avengers for dummies...

    Hi everyone,

    Firstly, im very new to the forums so if ive done something wrong or asking
    the wrong things please dont flame me (even though its an Earth skill .

    I have looked through the previous millions of posts about all sorts of toons
    and builds, but as a real newbie I need something more basic to start me off.

    I really like playing a Hunter and my son plays a Pyro, so I thought putting
    the 2 together could be fun. Ive read some peoples Avenger ideas but we
    need to ask some "dummy" questions.

    1) Where should we start, Earth or Hunter?

    2) What should we pump up first in the trees?

    3) Should we max certain things before starting others in the trees?

    4) Is there anything thats "imperrative" or "useless" in the trees?

    5) Are there any specific items / attributes / stats, we should look for?

    6) Are there any mobs we are weaker / stronger against?

    Just a big thank you in advance for anyone thats kind enough to help us with
    our questions, and a huge raspberry for anyone who flames our newbiisms !!

    Cheers all,

    PS. Any builds by lvl would be handy, maybe like lvl 10, 20, 30 etc... tyvm.

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    Re: Avengers for dummies...

    Thanks for the link, is very helpful !!!

    Still a bit worried about how to get to his tree @ 52

    Ill do me best, I guess I can always respec. Not sure also
    about what Avengers are strong / weak against but ill find out


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    Re: Avengers for dummies...

    Well it's not what Avengers are strong against or weak against that you should really worry about, but the overall effectiveness of the character build.

    Alot of the time a particular type of monster won't be in the game for longer than a few hours of play time anyway, so you don't have much to worry about except a small area where you might have to team up online to pass through.

    Also, take note of the search button close to the top right corner, that might help if you have any more build related problems as there a plethora of threads in this forum quite possibly related to your problems and interests.

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    Re: Avengers for dummies...

    Are you going with a bow or a spear?
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    Re: Avengers for dummies...

    I read thru the links and seems theres one question that isnt covered..

    */ Should you start w Hunting 1st or Earth 1st?

    Personally, i would recommend that you would go w Hunting 1st.. Since i believe that from level 15 (you get there v early) until somewhere near the end of Epic, Hunting give you the easiest time among all the classes.. And it doesnt even depend much on the items..

    As to how you should go abt building up Hunting..

    Just dont put points anywhere and rush all the way until the end of the Mastery tree.. 1 point to Masksmanship, 1 point to Puncture Shot, max Scatter Shot.. Then slowly max Volley and Punture Shot.. Then a few points into Marksmanship if you want..

    That would be enuff till the end of Normal i believe.. How you put ur points afterwards isnt a big problem (altho i do recommend Art of the Hunt for the % pierce dmg)..

    Those are what i would do.. just my two cents tho .. Enjoy.

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    Re: Avengers for dummies...

    You can easily go through Normal as a Hunter and then choose a secondary mastery...

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    Re: Avengers for dummies...

    Definitively hunt must come first. It will boost your DA (Woodlore) and increase your piercing damage a lot. Then when you feel that you are needing a bit more damage start the earth tree. If you go more true hybrid, meaning that you will pump up INT, earth enchantment tree can be maxed as ring of flame tree. If you do not want to increase INT, one point in Earth enchantment but you can max Brimstone and put few points into volatility. Why, because if you do not aim at medium to high intelligence the fire damage you are going to deal in later dificulties will be highly resisted and considerably be reduced. Of cours there is study prey and flush out to help with mobs elemental resistance, but even with that skill, without high INT you won't deal a lot of fire damage....well not enough to invest so much skill points into earth enchantment and ring of flame. Do not forget to put one point in stone form and its upgrade as well as 1 point in heat shield. As for bow or spear....mine is going spear way but starts to stall in act 3 legendary because I like so much Phorkos trident that I'm hesitating to change it for a higher damage dealing spear....this is my problem. Otherwise....spear is good cause you can have a shield for additionnal resistances. Try it and decide what you like best.

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    Re: Avengers for dummies...

    1) Where should we start, Earth or Hunter? I assume Hunting would be your main mastery here and Earth support, so it's better to start with Hunting I think.

    2) What should we pump up first in the trees?
    & 3) Should we max certain things before starting others in the trees?
    & 4) Is there anything thats "imperrative" or "useless" in the trees?
    I am no expert at hunting, so as much as I can say is max wood lore very early because it will give those slow spears some attack speed.
    Then depends on what type hunter are you going to be: bow hunter or spear hunter. If bow then marksmanship as early as possible, if spear then I suppose take down.
    I might be able to help you much more with Eath though. For any hybrid, I'd say the first thing to look for in Earth is Earth enchantment. Put 1 point in that at first and then go for maxing Brimstone. Then put as many points as you want in Earth enchantment. Ring of flame can come very handy in normal difficulty and perhaps early epic, but then it becomes kinda useless. Also Volcanic orb > Flame surge, so go for Volcanic orb rather than flame surge and try to get fragmentation as soon as you get up there. 1 point in heat shield and 1 in stone form should pretty much be enough. Also it's perhaps good to go for a Core Dweller. Maybe not in Normal, but once you get to Epic. Pets get better with each difficulty, so he will be more useful then. For Core Dweller, invest a lot in Inner fire, 1-2 points in wildfire and max Metamorphosis, but I suppose metamorphosis can wait until legendary.

    5) Are there any specific items / attributes / stats, we should look for?
    I've never actually tried this class so won't be able to help much there. Just try not to invest in all attributes equally, try to excel at something. I think most people would probably suggest strength.

    6) Are there any mobs we are weaker / stronger against?
    Anyone highly resistant to piercing and fire damage I suppose.

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    Re: Avengers for dummies...

    WOW !!!!

    Thanks so much to everyone for your feedback / ideas. Ive started as Hunter
    as you all said, have found a RamBow which is great for me, im lvl 11 so far
    and severely kicking buttisimo !! Ive gone mainly for bow, but ive put 1 point
    into Takedown as a last resort when meleeing close stuff. Once I get the
    Core Dweller I shouldnt have to worry. If you have anything to add that I
    have missed, please let me know...

    Again, thanks all, youve been a great help !!!


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