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Thread: Titan Quest 2

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    Re: Titan Quest 2

    Yeah, it really sucks that Iron Lore went out... I actually have more fun with TQ than I ever did with Diablo (and Diablo was the game that really got me gaming). Hopefully another good company will pick it up and make a sequel.

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    Re: Titan Quest 2

    Sucks so bad, these great games never get love anymore. They always pump lame FPS one after another. Ruin action RPG by trying to make it like everything else.

    Why don't more people do these types of hack and slash, PLAY THIS GENRE OUT PLEASE! I won't mind. Sadly no Titan Quest 2, no Champions 3 (PS) all that we have to look forward to is Diablo 3 since Sacred turned out to be just another console thing

    Are the guys form Ironlore doing anything else? Mods, new games what?

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    Re: Titan Quest 2

    I just wanna say, Titan Quest and its expansion Immortal Throne are really great games, that are worth alot more than most of the crappy overhyped games that are throwned at pc gamers. Iam a huge Diablo fan and Titan Quest is definetly also excelent quality, it has huge replay value and really great to play with friends, i find it unfair how can a company that brings gamers a game like this closes, while crappy ones like EA make tons of money with only 1 good game out of 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman View Post
    Even if it is TQ2, it won't be called that. THQ own the rights to TQ.
    Hell they could call it TEK's Quest for all I care. A sequel, no matter what it's called, would be awesome.

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    Grim Dawn looks to be the closest thing to a sequel that we're gonna get for TQ.
    If you haven't heard about it check it out, it's in alpha stages at the moment but it looks pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by affseofl2654 View Post
    Hell they could call it TEK's Quest for all I care. A sequel, no matter what it's called, would be awesome.
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