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Thread: Artifact Info

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    Re: Artifact Info

    G'day to all

    I'm looking for the ingredients for the ikon of zues and have it all except the effigy of skyfire. I noticed the first page to this thread says Epic act 2. Would that be for any boss or chest in particular?

    I also read somewhere that your hero has to be a certain level to get certain items dropped. If they're over that level they won't get that unit dropped. Any truth to that?

    Thanks in advance for any replies

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    Re: Artifact Info

    Effigy of the Skyfire drops in epic acts 2, 3 and 4, nowhere else. The highest probability for it to drop is in act 2, so the information is correct.

    Character level has some effect on the drops, but there is no level requirement for certain items to drop as far as I know. Your character's level is nothing to worry about when drops are concerned. However with higher character levels, you might get more high-level uniques, however there isn't any tangible evidence on that, only well-educated guesses based on gaming experience and observing the database records.
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    Re: Artifact Info

    Thanks Poinas

    Looks like I'm heading back to Eygypt then

    One more question though . Does your class effect what may or may not be dropped? I seem to get some items more if I play as my habinger but as my oracle I don't seem to get those same items at all. Coincidence maybe?

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    Re: Artifact Info

    Kinda late reply, sorry. Class doesn't affect what gets dropped. If you don't have the fanpatch installed which of your chars you use does affect what gets dropped though. So get the fanpatch if you don't have it.

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    Re: Artifact Info

    I seem to have missed Glorybringer. It's was in the excel file, but I forgot to put it in the post. Fixed now. L2*, L3, and below 5% chance in L4.

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    Re: Artifact Info

    Noob time.....Artifacts are in original game or only in Immortal Throne??

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    Re: Artifact Info

    Only in the expansion. But when you have IT installed you will find them in all chapters.

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    The link to the file isn't working. If anyone still has the file, can you please upload it again in this thread? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    An additional little dependencies diagram

    Despite the excellent detail in this spreadsheet, and the other artifacts-related one stickied, I still felt the need for a diagrammatic view on what artifacts have dependencies on what. So I knocked up the attached using the nice GraphViz tool.


    The full-size file is here in my public DropBox area.

    For example, you can see how many artifacts are 'orphaned' (not used for any higher level ones) and that some--- e.g. Jade Idol --- are particularly useful since they are required for three different higher level artifacts. Until I did this, I didn't realise that the colour of the recipe (the colour of the wax seal on the image) related to the 'level' of dependencies and not lesser/greater/divine.

    Red need only charms/relics/scrolls. Cyan need 1+ red artifacts. Purple need 1+ cyan artifacts. All divine are purple and all lesser are red, but greater can be cyan or red.

    Anyway, hope it's of use/interest to someone else. Cheers.

    Edit: the info. is all based on Game Banshee's list, so I'm assuming that's all correct. Feel free to let me know of any errors.
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    Looks cool and useful. I'll have a closer look at it when I come home.
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