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Thread: Artifact Info

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    Artifact Info

    While farming for my first Divine Artifact, Blood of Ares, it occurred to me that I had absolutely no idea where to find the missing recipes. I also had absolutely no idea what the cooldown of the granted skill was, and how often it would activate. So I decided to find out a bit more about that. This led to the creation of this excel file.

    It has the cooldowns and activation chances of granted skills, and the chances to find each artifact in each act of the difficulty it drops in. The chances tell you how likely it is for a dropped recipe to be a certain one. I also listed which acts are best for farming that recipe in a shorter format.

    For the other artifact stats, look here, here or here. Thanks to Whisk33 for pointing me to the first site, it is pretty compact and easy to look at.

    According to this, the best enemies to farm for recipes are Typhon, Hades, the Telkines, Hydra, Talos, Manticore, Zombie Dragon and the Secret Passage. I don't know how the chances are for normal and epic, and I'm not sure if any of those drop recipes outside their act/difficulty, so maybe I will check that eventually. Not now though.

    Now for those who are too lazy to download and look through that file, here's some of the info in a more condensed form:
    • Most artifacts have a native act (unfortunately you usually can't determine it from the god's name for the divine ones) in which they drop far more frequently than in others. This difference is less pronounced for greater recipes than for lesser ones, and pretty small for the divine ones.
    • Artifacts cant drop before their native act, but they can drop after it.
    • All granted skills have a cooldown. The shortest one is 75 seconds.
    • All skills that activate on low health have a 100% chance to activate, but most have a very long cooldown, either 120 or 240 seconds. Obviously it's 240 for the more powerful ones.
    • All other skills have 5% or 10% chance to activate, Effigy of Skyfire has 20%. The cooldown is between 75 and 120 seconds, except for Elemental Rage which has a 180 seconds cooldown.
    • Greater artifacts start dropping in Normal Orient. Divine artifacts start dropping in Epic Egypt.

    For a list of completion bonuses, check this. It's not done by me, but by Dmitryn from If I shouldn't link this just tell me and I will remove it. Thanks to Poinas for uploading it to the forums after the original link died.
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    Re: Artifact Info

    Where to farm what. If there is a high chance to find the recipe in more than one act, I will put an asterisk next to its name in the act it drops most in. For exact chances, get the excel file.

    The format is:

    Amber Flask, Chaos Cube, Deathrattle, Leafsong, Molten Orb, Pale Moon, Scroll of Oneiros, Shroud of Eternal Night, Skyfire Pendant, Star Heart, Touch of the Fool, Wraithguard

    Cinderbolt, Razor Claw, Song of the Serpent, Soul Shiver

    Bloodrage, Crystal Tear, Sunstone
    Book of Dreams, Druidic Wreath, Shadow Veil, Soul Prism

    Book of Dreams*, Druidic Wreath*, Shadow Veil*, Soul Prism*, Eye of the Heavens, Fury of the Ages

    Dark Core, Earthen Talisman, Emerald Quill, Jade Idol, Phylactery of Shadows, Raven's Shadow, Spirit Blight
    Dragontongue*, Kingslayer*, Lionheart*

    Nexus of Insanity, Summoner's Totem, Tome of Transfiguration
    Dragontongue, Kingslayer, Lionheart, Blood Gem, Effigy of Skyfire, Sphere of Eternity
    Crescent Moon of Artemis, Poseidon's Net

    Tome of Transfiguration*, Ebony Globe
    Crimson Viper*, Final Breath*, Hand of Gaia*, Heart of Earth*
    Demeter's Bounty*, Might of Hephaestus*

    Crimson Viper, Final Breath, Hand of Gaia, Heart of Earth
    Crescent Moon of Artemis*, Poseidon's Net*, Demeter's Bounty, Might of Hephaestus, Blood of Ares, Crosier of Osiris, Knot of Isis

    Effigy of the Panther, Thunderfist, Tongue of Flame
    Conqueror's Mark*, Tyrant's Fist*
    Golden Eye of Sun Wukong, Morpheus' Dreamweb, Sigil of Bast, Talisman of the Jade Emperor

    Silver Heart
    Conqueror's Mark, Tyrant's Fist, Elemental Rage, Glorybringer*
    Marduk's Tablet of Destiny

    Maiden's Kiss
    Symbol of the Polymath*, Elemental Rage, Glorybringer
    Eye of Ra, Thoth's Glory, Ikon of Zeus*

    Ethereal Veil
    Symbol of the Polymath, Arcane Mirror
    Ikon of Zeus, Lyre of Apollo, Star of Ishtar
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    Re: Artifact Info


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    Re: Artifact Info

    Fantastic work - thank you very much. I vote for a sticky!

    I have one burning question: for artifacts with effects that occur on "Low Health", eg. Knot of Isis's Healing Cascade - how low must your health be for the effect to proc?

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    Re: Artifact Info

    I guess low enough to trigger that warning sound. I don't know for sure though.

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    Re: Artifact Info
    Have you seen this since you been back?
    Also I think another Titanquest site (a french one maybe) has already posted all the completion bonuses possible... It's in french though, but it is out there
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    Re: Artifact Info

    That site doesn't list the info I was missing. And the sticky about artifacts has all that site has and more. It's still nice though, better than Gamebanshee for artifacts I guess.

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    Re: Artifact Info

    I deleted the bit above about the completion bonus. It was completely and utterly wrong. *g*

    The tables are named Act1 to Act4, but the table the bonus is picked from is specified in the recipe file. And it's not necessarily the native act of the artifact. I'll probably make a list of completion bonuses soon. There's only 24 tables, so it wont be too much work.

    Edit: linked Dmytrin's completion bonus list in the first post.

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    Re: Artifact Info

    Gale, seems I may need your advice.

    Looking for Blood of Ares I have made 150 epic 3xHades runs and got nothing.

    Now, if we look to game dbr's, epic Hades drop formula chance is 20.62% per run. From your table the chance that formula will be Ares - 4.94%.
    So, the total chance of getting Ares in one run: 20.62% * 4.94% = 1.0186%

    The chance of NOT getting Ares after 450 runs (or 150 3x) is:
    (100% - 1.0186%) ^ 450 = 0.998%

    Am I freaking hit 1% probability here or what?

    As you know I'm playing with no-gold and inspect the drop carefully each time. Is there some secret voodoo you should perform to get this damn formula?

    Even if it will ever drop for me, I'll definitely cheat to get the needed completion bonus, can't imagine more of these useless and boring runs.

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    Re: Artifact Info

    The Artifact drop chances in your chart (and the one you posted above) might be wrong. They seem a bit lower to me than they are in your chart. I noticed fewer formulas dropping from bosses than they should according to your chart a few times. I only noticed it when farming triple bosses, so it might be xmax causing problems (maybe just because TQ's RNG doesn't like triple bosses?). I didn't watch out for it when farming single bosses (which is the more likely reason for me only noticing it when farming triple bosses ). I also didn't really count how many formulas I got in how many runs, maybe I was unlucky or it just seemed to me like fewer formulas were dropped (psychological effect, only remembering the unlucky drops).

    And of course the values in my chart could be wrong. The formula loot tables are fixed though, so the percentages should be correct. I might still have made a mistake of course. I used the weightings of the act formula loot tables, assuming that they are used in their corresponding act. The few enemies I checked confirmed that, but some bosses can drop formulas from more than one act. Maybe epic Hades too, which could lower the chance to get Blood of Ares.

    Edit: Hades can indeed drop Legendary Act 1 formulas (from tables: 0.375%) and Epic Act 4 formulas (from tables: 1.796%). So about 80% of the formulas he drops should be from Epic Act 4. Factoring in the average number of items dropped the chance to drop an E4 recipe should be 16.94%. I also calculated the chance for an E4 recipe to be Blood of Ares again, the 4.94% in my chart seem correct. The chance to not get Blood of Ares in 450 runs would be 2.28% then, which is still low. You are either very unlucky, or the chances are different.

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