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Thread: Poison assasin!

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    Thumbs up Poison assasin!

    After being inspired by the "fun with poison" thread Shassa made i decided to make a poisonbuild myself. I asked for some advice in a different thread here and started playing. I used Full Ramses with dual wielded ramses scepters (+100% poison and +300% vs undead) to breeze through act2 and 3, everything, including bosses, died in one hit because of the poison. At level 27 i dropped all Ramses and started wearing greens.

    Now i'm level 28 and i just killed Typhon in 2 hits, and the first hit took 80% of his hp away

    Some pics just after killing typhon:

    Every single item i wear is adding poison damage.

    Now lets do some math:

    My base poison damage from my gear and skills is 1040 dmg over 6 seconds. I have a total of +399% poison damage from my gear and skills which makes it 5190 over 6 seconds and if i use Lethal Strike the damage goes up to: 8361 over 6 seconds. (1400 damage per second)
    I also have a total of +134% poison duration so that makes it:

    19565 damage over 14 seconds from 1 hit with my legtip.

    Apart from the poison damage i do with my weapons monsters also get poisoned when they touch me. This is caused by three desecrated prefix greens i am wearing. I could have equiped four desecrated prefix armorpieces but i found a other piece of armor that added way more +% poison damage. Base poison damage from that gear is 270 damage over 6 seconds. Add the total bonus of +399% poison damage and +134% poison duration and you end up with:
    3152 damage over 14 seconds to every monster that physically touches me. That's enough to kill most smaller mobs in normal without even fighting.

    I don't know if all the calculations are 100% accurate, but i do know that i do a hell of a lot poison damage. Funny fact: Killing 1 automatoi on mount olympus took longer then killing Typhon himself. Constructs really are a pain with this build.

    Now off to normal IT. I wonder if Hades like poison.

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    Re: Poison assasin!

    and thats on lvl 28 holy crap!

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    Re: Poison assasin!


    Tell the dactyls I said hi...

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    Re: Poison assasin!

    I agree +% poison damage from DW legtips from one knive applies to the second. However I don't think a flat damage on one does. Do other mods of flat damage type: frigid collosal voracious etc apply to both weapons??? (in essence I think only mods that buff the whole char apply usually %)

    I also don't think that many hits of applied poison stack. I have 18 sec duration and I don't notice the rate of damage to someone going up exponentially (ie I can hit probably 20 times over 18 seconds if all stacked my dps I could do 20,000 dps with poison) yet thats not what I see.

    Aside from that intellectual curiosity I congratulate you on vanquishing typhon in one hit. I have never done that even on return visits with level 60ish chars.

    PS you can do multiplicative damage by socketing monkey king trickery on your rings. Just as a illustration say you do +100% poison damage and -100 resist. That is effectively 4x the damage. Thats how its multiplicative (since 2 x +100% resist is just 3x damage). In your case say you are doing +400% poison damage x5 poison. If you get 3x monkey king rings and shield of korybantes (-25 resists) you debuff their resists by -61. That means 5 x 1.61 damage or 8x damage (ie 61 is actually like 300% to poison). If they have poison resist debuffing is even more important (enter constructs) in that case you may be doing 0 poison damage but debuffing you do some for +infinity to poison (a number divided by zero x 100% is infinity).

    debuff, flat poison, and +% are 3 ingredients. Stock up on all of them but if any one is missing the whole thing collapses. If you have no flat then no % to multiply. The flat isn't enough alone. The debuff multiplies the other two and makes poison universal against resistant mobs. Better have traps to help against resistant though imo (when you can afford) or some warfare crap I don't know how that works. Never played assassin. Illusionists are durable battle commanders who kill slowly but surely.

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    Re: Poison assasin!

    Very interesting if you can make it thru legendary. Sapros on the 1st hand weapon and Legtip on the other.

    BTW, lethal strike and blade honing still works as long as you have one bladed weapon on one hand and that makes sapros viable.

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    Re: Poison assasin!

    I just played a bit through actIV but my low hp/defence/pierceresist is starting to worry me allready.

    My damage is high enough to kill everything in one hit without using specials like mortal wound, but my own hp is going down too fast. Hopefully this will change when i get enough points for AoE attacks to spread the poison and confusion, otherwise i think the Tower of Judgement will be a nightmare.

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    Re: Poison assasin!

    I found out that everything is vulnerable to poison. My character is level 33 now and only has 1 monkey king equiped (-7 resistances), yet undead suffer from poison degen. Not by far as fast as on other monsters, but still fast enough to be really usefull. It is probably because i do insane amounts of poison on normal difficulty undead. Even the caravans that you have to destroy for a IT sidequest suffered from degen.

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    Re: Poison assasin!


    You've inspired me as well lol

    Just created what will be an Fem-Assassin named in she watches her victim's life fade away heh

    Something to mess with when not playing my Sacred Dark Elf or Battle Mage...or my lone hybrid hero in Divine Divinity

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    Re: Poison assasin!

    That's so cool, well nice work buddy Got me thinking also ><

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    Re: Poison assasin!


    I just started playing TQ IT about 2 month ago. With nothing to do I stumbled across this thread.
    I have some questions though.

    -What is legtip, I couldnt find it on gamebanshee.
    -What kind of rings/amulet should I be looking for in pre or suffix.
    -Why use warfare, dream is better IMHO because of the following:
    1. ToW for debuff.
    2. Phantom Stike as a 'MPDS', or Massive Poison Delivery System. Which stuns as well.
    3. Poison and 'Sleep of Sands'.


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