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Thread: Icefire Pike

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    Icefire Pike

    This has to be the pimpest lance in the entire game. It looks like a lance and has a spear thats on fire, and spikes on back that are ice and there are cool particle effects too. it has killer stats, but I love the look most of all!! I'm just bragging here...

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    Re: Icefire Pike

    At least post a pic. Nothing brags like a pretty picture.

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    Re: Icefire Pike

    Titan Quest @ GameBanshee

    Can be found in City of Paseron (Act IV, Epirus portal, side quest Among the Ruins
    Found it 3 times in the row

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    Re: Icefire Pike


    That's a fine looking weapon!


    Time to go hunting heh

    Would you mind posting the stats?

    Thx & Regards

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    Re: Icefire Pike

    Can also find it on machae, melinoe and gigantes in Hades Palace. Nifty looking thing alright.

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    Re: Icefire Pike

    yep, really nice pikes .. have 3 of them already, but still not using them with any of my toons

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    Re: Icefire Pike

    I am so honored that they named a weapon after me.

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    Re: Icefire Pike

    Too bad about the stats, should have been legendary and ... insane

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    Re: Icefire Pike

    Me and my friend found one today, somewhere in Elysium. He's making a Haruspex so he got it. Fine lookin' weapon..

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