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Thread: Weapon Dmg Type

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    Question Weapon Dmg Type

    Hey all. Very new player here. I have read quite a bit of the forums. Started out with a ranger. Enjoyed it quite a bit. Having problems killing Typhon on Epic but that's more of a gear problem I think...

    Anyway my question is about damage type for weapons.

    Are all weapons pierce dmg type? Sword, Axe, Mace etc? I am in the process of making a Spellbreaker and have a few relics I am debating on using. One is a +pierce % dmg relic. Would that increase my mele dps ? I don't want to waste the armor I would put this on because I know I will be upgrading weapons at some point.

    Thanks in advance. Lots of great info on these boards!


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    Re: Weapon Dmg Type

    You can see if a weapon has piercing damage by looking for %x piercing damage under the damage of the weapon. For bows, it's usually 20-25%, and for swords, 10-15%. Maces and clubs do not have piercing damage.

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