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Thread: extra skills, attributes

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    Re: extra skills, attributes

    Quote Originally Posted by Poinas View Post
    You're welcome, Kel. I added one quest to the list, in act 4.

    The three generals quest isn't bugged, you get the +5% total dmg once per difficulty. The DPS meter doesn't show it correctly atleast for me when completing the quest for the 2nd and 3rd time.
    Thanks for the update on the Generals quest. The extra damage is nice in Epic and Legendary and I don't really worry about the DPS as I would prefer a quick one or two hit kill. I am more worried about my character getting permantently Emasculated in Epic by the Nagblade because then I will know that it is my character that is corrupted. I tried all of your recommendations and so now it is just a matter of time.


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    Re: extra skills, attributes

    hi guys i'm doing this quest but i don't find the boss...can you give me any informations because i've arrived in the town of menfi but i'ven found that cavern with the boss...


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    Re: extra skills, attributes

    You need to travel further, it's after Memphis.
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    Question Re: extra skills, attributes

    Hi, guys!

    May someone please tell how the bonus Strength points from Lampido's Potion Quest are shown in paperdoll? I mean when I mouse-over the Strength attribute I see "base value + additional value". Where base value is the starting 50 + the points I manually set on Strength through level-up. Even the bonus points from Masteries are show in the "+ additional value" part. So I need to know where the bonus Strength points from the quest are shown - before the Plus sign or after it?


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    Re: extra skills, attributes

    it was adding directly to base attribute points as far as i remember

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobroY View Post
    it was adding directly to base attribute points as far as i remember
    Yep, however once you restart you lose the statbonuses.

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    ^ Bit of a necro on the thread there, mate... only three and a half years.

    As far as the loss: I do believe the fan-patch fixes the quest bugs so I'd recommend that to stop yourself losing what you should have got in the first place.... that and all the other horrible bugs in the game are pretty much stomped out for the most part.

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