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Thread: few questions...

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    few questions...


    Q1. Ive seen many really cool grx modifications, but im wondering if i had one installed could I still play over the internet? i.e. ive installed the blood mod by fallout and my m8 couldn join in cuz the message comes up saying, wrong version etc, so would this still be a problem in this case?

    Q2. is it possible to simply edit the gfx in game ? i mean i know some bits of photoshop, so ive been wondering if u could modify some items or skin

    Q3. can anyone make a skin looking like Leonidas from 300 ? maybe not the face but the 'pants' and pretty long beard and ofc the 'red cloak' at the back which would be moving pretty nice as the character moves

    hehe thanks for every answer
    c u

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    Re: few questions...

    He plays soccer too. Here he is.

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    I could say that cities meet the merchants of the skins? please help

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