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Thread: What is the "best" aoe class?

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    What is the "best" aoe class?

    Best as in highest possible dmg output.


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    Re: What is the "best" aoe class?

    Elementalist ofcourse!

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    Re: What is the "best" aoe class?

    Hands down earth and something else...
    Wether that be storm or Spirit (and just go down the terrion path) or possibly even dream now. I think Dream could easily give it a good run for it's money. It depends on your gear and how creative you want to be.
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    Re: What is the "best" aoe class?

    Agreed, the basis for any major AOE build is probably Earth, although going strength/int and focusing on Distort Reality/Temporal Rift and - recharge may be the new hotness.

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    Re: What is the "best" aoe class?

    y not storm ? Storm is better than Earth , IMO!

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    Re: What is the "best" aoe class?

    My Elementalist is only level 41 or 42 and already I am doing 1600 max damage ...I can't give opinion of other classes because I haven't played a lot of different classes but I love the Storm/Earth combo. When I first saw the damage that it could do I was amazed. The first time I looked at my max damage and saw 914 I thought it was a mistake. It stayed there for a while so I thought ok it was a glitch and then off it went and now I just love to see how much damage I can actually do.

    I love to get a HUGE pile of things and then just watch them go down between my AOE and my CoreDwellers WildFire they die fast.

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    Re: What is the "best" aoe class?

    When IT came out, I rerolled a Seer, wanting to try out the new class. Previously, I had beaten Typhon on normal with an Elementalist that I had gotten up to level 34 with relative ease. I have to say, the Seer is so much more suited to my play style, and the fact that I had my char designed as a melee/AoE Caster made it fun as heck. Here is a link to my current build.

    TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Diviner

    As you can see, I'm no longer a Seer, but a Diviner. After I beat Hades on Normal, I decided to get myself not only one pet, but two, and take advantage of the Nightmare's buff. After doing some research in these forums, I decided that the Liche King would be the Nightmare's best companion. So that's how I'm going to finish my build, by maxing out both pet trees in each mastery.

    Anyways, back on topic. When I first got Phantom Stike, I used it all the time. I'd search for a group of Mobs, target the middle one, then sneak in and destroy everyone with one shot. At higher levels, Phantom Strike would crit for over 2000, and do damage to nearby opponents, so I was doing mega damage. It worked perfectly. Once I advanced in levels, and got Distort reality to a decent level, I was mowing through mobs like crazy. Being primarily melee I had high strength and as such, good armor, and would run into a group of mobs, gather as much as I could, then pop Distort Reality, and wipe them all out. The only creatures that DR doesn't one-shot are bosses, and the odd hero or special character. It is a really fun class to play, and I found it to be much more effective as an AoE type than the Elementalist.
    Here is what I plan to finish at, realizing that once my pets are maxed out, I hopefully won't have to touch anyone, I'm ditching Psionic Touch/Burn to free up some points. . .

    TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Diviner

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    Re: What is the "best" aoe class?

    Quote Originally Posted by intent View Post
    My Elementalist is only level 41 or 42 and already I am doing 1600 max damage ...
    Well, my Harbinger had a 2555er crit in her early 30s and hits groups simultaneously for huge damage ...

    Anyway, I find "AoE class" hard to define in TQ. Most masteries/builds have some sort of AoE. Take Batter or the shield passives of the Defense mastery. Those are all AoE abilities. Warfare has dual-wield techniques which let you hit multiple mobs at the same time. Dream has Distort Reality and Phantom Strike (if that's not an AoE-skill, what is! ). Then there's my pet-Ritualist ... aren't her pets an "AoE effect"? They kill groups faster than typical AoE spells. Or are they just very strong DoTs?

    When you define "best", you also might wish to take defense and downtime into account, not just damage.

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    Re: What is the "best" aoe class?


    Hmmm..Conjurer, Spellbreaker, Corsair (the last is in a way of controling enemies..)

    Generally anything with Defense (shield), Warfare (dual wield) or maybe Earth (spells) in my opinion..

    EDIT: I haven't tried Dream looks great as area of effect damage dealer that case probably Harbinger, Evoker, Diviner.

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    Re: What is the "best" aoe class?

    @ bigryedog:

    Try this: titancalc-Diviner

    ToW is descent, but if you are focusing on pets ToC is the way to go, as your pets will also receive the bonus. Lucid Dream will dramatically increase your damage output with Temporal Rift. Temporal Flux's 12% Total Speed and resists is great. Death Ward will help out in a pinch, and drop Arcane blast from your Lich, he gets better damage from Soul Blight and Death nova. Dark Covenant/Unearthly Power will also increase the damage output from Temoral Rift if you have the gear/ health to support it. If not, go with the Psionic Touch tree, as that will boost your Phantom strike. I also added in the Outsider, who rocks on bosses.

    Just my 2 cents.

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