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Thread: [Dream+Rogue] Dreamkiller Build

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    [Dream+Rogue] Dreamkiller Build

    So all go for Haruspex, Diviner, Templar or Ritualist -

    (I have a lvl59 Ritualist in legendary but its very boring... resistancies all about 70%, dps around 2200 5 tanking pets that only bosses can kill due to never need potions cuz i have a lifeleech setup...maybe i will start another thread for that)

    So now that is too boring I went for Dreamkiller, meaning Rogue and Dream.
    Should be one of the best damagedealers in 1on1 situations, from scratch.

    Im lvl17 now and just landed in knossos: TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Dreamkiller

    Thats planned until lvl30:TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Dreamkiller

    So far its like most dreambuilds starting with psionic touch and phantom strike..blade honing and envenom weapon work nice with the spear i found.
    one dont need many potions...but still more than with ritualist or other dreambuilds....usual fight opener is throwing knife and then warp in with phantom strike

    this build seems very gear dependant for now, cuz one aint got no defense skills and resistance boosts as might be expected from rogue :/

    best thing with the build is boss fights maybe... never need many health-potions.. ofc i will soon have lethal strike.
    combined with phantom strike and distortion wave this should be a killer combo to bosses or mob heroes.

    later on anatomy and traps boosted by nightmare seem to be the way to go but traps are not needed for the start because phantom strike can take down the mobs.

    As for the trance ToC seems good at start to help against rogues overall weaknes in mass fights.
    Later i will check out ToW which could work nice with traps.

    Reason why i didnt chose Distortion wave is because i prefer Distort Reality but havent thought on when to implent that yet.

    good items i can use so far: shiverblood (speer), bandits hood (+1 to all rogue skillz), and lesser artifact shroud of eternal night, which seems to be made for early rogue - completion bonus is again nice poison damage... cant wait untill i can use my emerald quill with 25% ias completion bonus from the caravan;D
    Check it here:
    The Stats from Shroud are:
    10 Damage
    21 Poison Damage over 3 Seconds
    40 Energy Leech over 2 Seconds
    10 Piercing Damage
    20% Vitality Damage Resistance
    25% Stun Resistance
    +60 Health
    +10% Attack Speed
    MADE for rogue

    maybe i have to farm medusa for stonebinders... any +skill items would really help this build early on.

    Outdated lvl16 picture:
    i have green rings, green shield, green boots all average stuff
    have to modify them with relics soon to get more dps or resistence... but 150 seems quite good for the moment
    oh and i have to replace the ugly chest armor... doesnt suit a woman

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    Re: Dreamkiller Build

    I've looked into a Dreamkiller build, too, but no matter how much I looked, I didn't really find anything that convinced me would still work in legendary. Dreamkillers seem to be excellent boss killers, but most of the time the game throws groups of mobs at you, and that's where they seem to be really lacking (nothing like batter, cross cut or tumult), since traps don't really do significant damage in legendary. (Even with mastermind they would do less damage than the traps of a Brigand, and they are mediocre even in late epic.)

    I'm really interested to hear more about your progress and how the character is turning out. I have a L30 pure rogue sitting at the start of act4 and could turn her into a Dreamkiller, but like I said, I'm really unsure about the class' potential. I always planned around Flash Powder, though, but saw you didn't consider it in your L30 layout.

    I'm still having a blast with my Ritualist, but have been collecting some gear for a possible Harbinger -- she's only L10, and pure dream right now until I decide what I really want to do. I only know that I'd like to try out a melee dreamer, too. I ruled out a Templar since I already have a Guardian, which is not all that different.

    Welcome to the forums, by the way!

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    Re: Dreamkiller Build

    Dreamkiller might do some badass damage with ToW, Envenom Weapon bonuses turned all the way up, Anatomy, piercing etc through Psionic Touch and Phantom Strike, but your survivability may be compromised if you go that route.

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    Re: Dreamkiller Build

    maybe i update my progress in the post above to let you know if it turns out to be hard in lategame (i hope it does) all in all this should be one of the most item depandant classes .. some good artifacts could turn it later...demeters or knot of isis could be of use if they proc more often

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    Re: [Dream+Rogue] Dreamkiller Build

    Update 28.3.:
    Im level 36 now and about to finish normal, did some farming in egypt for nice items
    and i got the epic rogue set now. works well with it.
    restistancies are pretty good

    im doing about 750 dps + bleeding, poison, life over time...
    equipped normal sabertooth with the +51% attack speed modifier

    typhon took less than 2 minutes i needed around 4 health potions
    sure mobs are sort of a problem but throwing knife seems to work well.
    correct me if im wrong but the attack modifiers such as poison do work in the knifes too?
    poison adds confusion chance.. so you mostly dont have the whole mob at once due to poison slowdowns from the knifes

    Build: TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Dreamkiller
    Set gives boosts for some skills so....

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    Re: [Dream+Rogue] Dreamkiller Build

    Thanks! I've been keeping an eye on this thread cause I'm going to start a dreamkiller.

    How are you dealing with undead/constructs? It looks like they would tough.

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    Re: [Dream+Rogue] Dreamkiller Build

    no problem with constructs cuz you can attack them with lethal strike and with phantom strike.. they go down very fast with it
    one could also consider to put some points in Disarm Traps from rogue mastery

    undead ARE at this time the worst problem especially when they are not grouped so you can hit all with phantom strike... i mostly use knifes on them..but takes a lot more potions against them than with other mobs..acolytes along with archers are the hardest to beat

    maybe try

    Phantom Bane
    40% Life Leech Resistance
    40% Energy Leech Resistance
    66-96 Energy Leech Over 3 Seconds
    +22% Energy Leech
    +8% Energy Absorption From Attacks
    +70% Damage to Demons
    +70% Damage to Undead

    as a ring.. quite nice... also charm/relic bonus -XX dmg from undead works well

    ofc i put that ring only in undead areas on...rings/necklace/artifacts are really important for dreamkiller.. one has to change them often depending on the area and mob type to have a chance in mass fights

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    Re: [Dream+Rogue] Dreamkiller Build

    I turned my own trapper Rogue into a Dreamkiller and I can attest in Epic so far that the combonation of Traps + Temporal Rift is a brutal one. Traps take a second to set up and start killing, meanwhile Temporal Rift buys you that second when you get jumped, or just want to obliterate the landscape. Initially I figured I would use ToC for the low maintenence, but Traps get the ToE's Health Conversion. That makes for some pretty durable traps so far.

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    Re: [Dream+Rogue] Dreamkiller Build

    right that.
    im around lvl50 doing 4200 dps now
    i figured ToE is the best trance to use since you are a dps monster... say you get around 30hp regen per sec. with ToE i get around 120~400

    hades epic took two potions... i did hit and run with the brutal dmg spells
    time <2,5mins.. really fine..mobs not that much of a problem since one has two stun spells and many slow spells but yeah undead are quite hard...

    next week i will update with screenshots/build/etc

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    I have a lvl.20 dreamer and am thinking of adding Rouge as second mastery, or Hunter-any advice ? which skills should i concentrate on ?

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