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Thread: Distortion Wave vs. Flurry of Knives

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    Distortion Wave vs. Flurry of Knives

    I'm starting a hybrid Dreamkiller and am debating between Flurry of Knives and Distortion Wave. I figure this build is going to need a good crowd control skill since he is going to be a melee hybrid. Has anyone tried this build?

    Oh, and I forget, does Envenom Weapon work with Flurry of Knives?


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    Re: Distortion Wave vs. Flurry of Knives

    Distortion Wave is better early on since it adds slow & is big enough to easily hit multiple enemies right from the start. A single point in Distortion Wave & its final synergy makes for a decent attack early on although it's quickly outclassed by Distort Reality.

    Later on, Flurry of Knives is better. Part of this is because its second synergy (which you can't get until you've maxed out the Rogue class) drastically increases its usefulness by increasing the number of knives thrown each time. However, the main reason for this is because Flurry of Knives is considered a weapon attack. What this means is that anything that would affect your weapon (aside from your weapon itself) can enhance your Flurry of Knives attack. That includes skills like Envenom and its synergies as well as any amulets & rings you have that add effects. So for example, max out the Envenom line and your knives will deal poison damage, slow enemies, confuse them, and cause them to mess up melee attacks. Equip a ring that gives you a 5% chance of stunning enemies and your knives will have a 5% chance of stunning enemies. And so on.

    One trick I especially like with Flurry of Knives is equipping a ring that has Energy Drain or Life Drain on it for massive group draining.

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    Re: Distortion Wave vs. Flurry of Knives

    I'd suggest both, because Distortion Wave can't communicate NightDrake.

    You probably don't need both of the slowing effects because you can only slow a max of 50% on bosses anyways.

    Flurry should do much more damage to enemies in midrange or very large targets because you can potentially hit a single monster 9 times with it, whereas Distortion Wave is a single hit only.

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    Re: Distortion Wave vs. Flurry of Knives

    Thanks, guys. I think I'll go with Distortion Wave and then re-spec later. Distortion Wave is bad-***, though, it'll be hard to give up.

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