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Thread: Lilith The Will of Demon : Battles of Jalavia

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    Re: Lilith is coming


    Man, I'll play Titan Quest again, just because of this mod! =D

    You rock man!

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    Re: Lilith is coming

    Peace is over, a dark war begun
    The time is come for heroes to make a stand against the evil!

    +66 levels at the end of Legendary
    +150 hours of game, at least!
    +2500 hours of work to make Lilith

    In a few days Lilith will be ready for you! Will you be ready for her?

    My task is nearly finish, all things work very well. It is really an amazing challenge.
    Many pizzas will be need

    Next time, I come back to give a release date.

    Thank you for all your interest in this project and your astonishing words
    See you later, Heroes

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    Re: Lilith is coming

    W00t W00t

    Can't wait! =D

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    Re: Lilith is coming

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    Re: Lilith is coming

    so, the 0.98 version for the TQIT on the first post is not complete? i just download that today, haven't install it yet, if the complete version will be out soon, i'll rather wait for it.

    let me know.

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    Re: Lilith is coming

    Please, I beg your attention:
    Lilith will be available for download:
    Saturday, June 21st, 2008

    What will you find in Lilith 1.0 since 0.98?
    Too much to say I think
    I’m trying to announce some important notes:

    - A deeper campaign
    - Lot of new long quests
    - A game fully accessible for a level one (highly recommended)
    - A powerful system allowing a fast travel
    - A significant increase of the size of Jalavia
    - Over-abundance of new challenging Boss
    - Lot of new creatures and graphic elements
    - 100% custom creatures and some very customized!
    - Optimizations and modifications in existing areas
    - More loot and outstanding rewards after some quests
    - Many original spells’ monster
    - Many new ambient sound, music or sound effect
    - A clear display of quests, text and dialogs
    - A full normalization and visibility of creature’s resistance
    - New nice panorama and amazing landscapes

    To be continued...

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    Re: Lilith is coming

    I may download this version. It sounds awesome.

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    Re: Lilith is coming

    ugh, crap. and i'm away the whole weekend
    very happy to hear it's coming this week though! i've really been dying to play it. my spellbreaker is ready to enter jalavia

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    Re: Lilith is coming

    Omg, sounds awesome. My vacations start then

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    Re: Lilith is coming

    You Rock man

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