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Thread: Hunter's net

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    Hunter's net

    Ok I just tried the net ability of the hunter.

    First i didn't use it much in small groups of monsters, so i almost thought it was pretty useless.


    It worked on a boss mob, and i was "eeh... ok pwnage!"
    I haven't tried it on the "big bosses" but a quest boss mob was affected by it for full duration.
    I just bowed him from a distance and kept webbing, dead mob.

    Isn't this a bit overpowered?
    Or doesn't it work on the real bosses?

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    It did not work on the two bosses I tried it on. (both were the end bosses of Greece)

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    It works on Nessis and a ton of the mini-bosses, but most of everything beyond that (Cyclops!) can't be ensnared.

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    It's a powerful ability, but so are most of the abilities in this game. It was balanced around powerful abilities.

    If you think net is bad, wait'll you try monster lure It's like an AOE net.

    A bow person really needs some form of crowd control, and TQ hunters don't have pets. I'm really enjoying both these skills, partly because they add some tactics to the fight: not just using the same attack over and over and over.

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