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Thread: How to Post a Screenshot

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    Hello! Nice post. However with my newbishness, I possible found another solution to the issue. I don't really know if it's a good way to post pics or not, but I'll give a run-through.

    1. Firstly use the forum's local "Image" function to add an image.
    2. On the opened window pick ( on computer, for instance if you have it saved ) and go to the picture Dir ( preferably simply on desktop ).
    3. Upload the picture and press okay. Your post should now have an attachement XXXX-link. ( with a small picture when it "updates". )
    4. Open the link in a new window/tab and copy the adress bar.
    5. Go back to your post and click "Edit" and the line where it has something like "[ ACTION = attachment ]" - delete it and instead type "(IMG)". Then paste the link then finish with "(/IMG)"
    [B]Note![*/B] - Replace the "(" and ")" with "[" and "]"
    6. Save your post and it should "show" your image in your post as a picture.

    P.S IF this is a bad method to upload images on the forum and if it should be avoided for some reason, please explain it. 'Cause it seems a very convinient method and doesn't require not having an account on photobucket nor even logging in there. The draw-back of this is however that you gotta do 1 image at a time.

    Edit: Thanks a lot Batman for including my method. I'll also post a screenie, that I posted in some other thread ( as a show off lol but still ). I'll do it again here to demonstrate that it works. I'll also did it that time intuitively, will try again same time, see if it's that simple as it might seem.

    Okay here goes...

    I have had this awesome ring for awhile now, and just recently I figured and found out how neat and awesome ( and also rare, appearantly ) it is so here. I behold my ring:

    rare ring.jpg

    ^- This (above) is an example how it stays or is left by default ( small image/link ). Now from there on you open it in new window and copy the link. and then put the link in-between the [IMG] and [/IMG] ... replacing the for [].

    v- Here ( below ) is an example of how it looks when used with the IMG function
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    How exactly can I post screenshots so they will show only a thumbnail in the post that has to be clicked to be shown in full size?
    BTW, I use the "Public Link" feature of my own dropbox account and the img-tags to link to images I made myself.
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