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Thread: is Nick Swardson gay?

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    Thumbs down is Nick Swardson gay?

    im sure some of you must know who nick swardson is. I think hes hilarious, and it would definately not make me dislike him if he were, but is he gay? He talks with a lisp, and just look at the characters he plays (his character on Click, Reno 911, Grandmas Boy). When i tried to look it up on google i only found sone show he did called Gay Robot. another thing that makes me think this is on his comedy central presents, the first one i think, he says he went and told his cousin all about beauty products and what they do to show him what it was like being told about pokemon. either way, he is hilarious, but i would like to know your opinions or see any info you can find on this subject.

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    Re: is Nick Swardson gay?

    Seeing as how this could be a touchy subject to some, I'll be keeping a close eye on this topic, just try to keep it light.

    However, as to my personal opinion about Swardson. No, I don't think he's gay. He may be, but I personally don't think he is.


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    Re: is Nick Swardson gay?

    i dont intend for it to be a touchy subject at all, but i dont control what other people say. but since you bring it up, i will say that if you just wanna gaybash or something, dont even post in this thread please. i just wanna know what the impression other people got from him was. unless someone has some sort of "proof"

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    Re: is Nick Swardson gay?

    i vote yes cause that would be his best comedy yet.

    actually i just googled this and came up with....." A big night at the Arclight yesterday. Not only did I see American Pie's Eddie Kaye Thomas munching on a pre-movie sandwich in the cafe, but alternative gay comic Nick Swardson was taking in a screening of 40 Year Old Virgin. And to top it all off, who did I see driving out of the parking lot in a black Toyota Prius, handing her validation stub to an attendant? None other than Oscar winner Charlize Theron, looking smoking hot as usual."

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    Re: is Nick Swardson gay?

    i disagree. i hope he never makes a joke about him being gay (if he is). he is an awesome comic, and doing that would just ruin it. he has his own unique style and he would be just some other douchebag if all he talked about were him being gay (like people who only talk about being gay, or men, or women, or kids). I would probably hate hime if he tried to exploit his homosexuality (?) for comedy.

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    Re: is Nick Swardson gay?

    I have no clue who Nick Swardson is.

    Whether or not he is gay doesn't matter to me in the slightest. If I were interested in dating gays, I suppose it would matter to me, but I'm not so it doesn't.

    As for the lisp, I have one. Having a lisp doesn't automatically make you homosexual. In my case, it has to do with the size and dimensions of my tongue. I have to sort of scrunch my tongue up when I'm talking to avoid biting the sides of it. This causes my tongue to press against the roof of my mouth, thus causing hissy "s" sounds.

    I can control it if I really concentrate, and I've tried mightily off and on throughout my life, but the hiss always comes back. At one point, I even spoke with a faux New Yorker accent because it allowed me to pronounce "s" sounds in a funny way that didn't sound like a lisp.

    On the plus side, having a wide tongue makes me popular with the ladies.

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    Re: is Nick Swardson gay?

    sure lisps can be natural, but alot of homosexuals talk like that. I dont know why, maybe to sound more feminine or something. im not only speculationg based on the lisp either, but it seems to fit into the equation

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    Re: is Nick Swardson gay?

    My question is... who's Nick Swardson? LOL

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    Re: is Nick Swardson gay?

    a comic. he has a frequent role on Reno 911 as the tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos guy. he is the bed, bath and beyond guy in click. he owns the barbie doll on grandmas boy. he had a show called gay robot. im sure some other stuff as well. search for a pic of him. you might recognise him.

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    Re: is Nick Swardson gay?

    I seen Grandma's Boy so I got it now... BTW, you're like a Nick Swardson authority. You his PR guy or somethin?

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