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Thread: Cognition Mod

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    Cognition Mod

    Cognition-Mod vor TitanQuest 1.20

    Authors: MaDMaN, PinkFrog

    The mod is designed to help to see what's going on on the screen. Once installed it will change the fonts and the night- and cave-light around the player constantly. You dont have to click anything ingame to get it working.

    Check out the fonts!

    And there was light.


    MEGAUPLOAD - One-Click Webhosting

    More Mirrors to follow.


    Version 1.1

    MaDMaN joined the party and made the fonts HUGE!

    Changes: Now the fonts are huge.

    Known Problems: The levels of the monsters are not shown correctly. The font is so huge it only shows the last digit.


    Version 1.0

    What it does: It doubles the light around the player in caves and at night.

    How to install: back up your database.arz in .../TitanQuest/Database/
    then replace it with the new version from the downloaded zip-file. Enjoy.

    What to consider: You probably should switch to the original database.arz before installing future patches.
    It might not work online. Havent tried at all.

    PM or post in the - forum to PinkFrog for any questions.

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    Re: Cognition Mod

    Again, nice work guys.

    Sorrows End will love this, I'm sure.

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    MegaUpload was siezed by the FBI. Is there a place where I can find this mod in modern times?

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    Mirror update required; someone didn't follow through even though they said they would ;/

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    The post is 6 years old...
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    I need this Mod too for playing with downsampling in higher resolution. Please reupload.

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