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Thread: Keep losing connection to server.

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    Keep losing connection to server.

    Okay, my friend and I are trying to play TQ over a LAN (and we've tried over the internet). We both own legal copies, have the dvd's in, etc. Our machines are both within the recommended requirements for the game.

    When I join a game that he is hosting, anywhere from 0sec to 5min later, I get booted with a "Lost Connection to Server".

    If he joins a game that I am hosting, same deal in reverse.

    I had originally installed his copy to try the game out, decided I liked it enough to buy it, and then bought it. I uninstalled his copy, and installed mine. Right away I realized that the previous install hadn't actually fully uninstalled, as the character I had been using was still there.

    After much cursing and searching, I found and uninstalled the prefetch files, which had been left on the machine (bad programmer, no cookie; viral much?). I even went so far as to clean the registry of anything related to TQ.

    I installed my copy again, and this time the install looked fresh (no previous character, no settings changes already present). We began playing over a LAN, and played with no problems for almost an hour. We stopped playing, and today we're trying to play again.

    Boom! It's booting whichever of us isn't the host. It's acting as though we're trying to use the same key or something, but we're not. This is getting really, really, really annoying, and I'm starting to want my damn 50 bucks back.

    Anyone else have this issue, and more importantly, a fix for it? Thanks.

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    Re: Keep losing connection to server.

    having same prob through lan with hamitci but it bgoots both of us.

    we both did port forwarding for both tq and gamespy and this still is not working

    tghe worst part is we cant join each others internet games at all it makes no sense to put such a broken online game out to market now adays.

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    Re: Keep losing connection to server.

    haveing simmilar issues with a linksys BEFSR41

    can play online for the most part fine but a buddie of mine cant join my games and i cant join his with or with out himatchi.

    in lan games using himatchi we can play for about 5 mins untill we both get the losst connection to server msg.

    we both use comcast cable internet and have beefy cmops well over the req specs.

    i tryed to mess with port forwarding and forwared ports for gamespy and TQ with no luck.

    i am running v1.30 and recived that patch from the updater on the game.

    its weird cause i can be in a regular online game (if i can can get into one) for as long as i want but me and my freind cant join each others games or play in lan with any stability. please help us i am really sick of games that have come out lately that take more programing from the community then the devs have done.


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