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10-05-2006, 04:15 PM
Hello, everyone. This is my first post on these forums, but I've been looking around them for a little while now. I've been playing Titan Quest for a couple of weeks now, and I've got a Warden around level 28 in Normal. Right now I only have seven points in my Hunting tree. I've got 6 in Wood Lore, and 1 point in the Mastery itself.

My Defensive tree, on the other hand, is progressing pretty well. There are only a couple of things I'm not sure about with defense tree, but I'll get to those later.

First, can anyone give me some pointers on what to take with Hunting Mastery? I've considered the Art of the Hunt tree, but I'm already using the Battle Awareness tree of buffs from Defender. Can I use both buffs at once? I'm not sure if that's possible, and don't want to try if I can't. Also, I haven't point a single point into energy or intelligence, and I already quaff a few energy potions just from using Shield Charge and Quick Recovery frequently. If I use both buffs will I have the energy available to continue the way I am, or is this going to seriously hinder me?

Just one more question, and I'll stop. Is Batter worthwhile? I'm putting a lot of faith into shield attacks, but as I said I already have somewhat of an energy problem. Is 23 mana for a few batter attacks going to drain me fast? Is Batter on a cooldown?

I'm not sure if I should just skip over these things or suck it up and take some energy. Any help would be nice, thanks very much for taking the time to read!


Ion Silverbolt
10-05-2006, 05:08 PM
Batter has a fairly short timer. It's also invaluable as it hits multiple targets in an arc once you get rend armor. If you happen to get a slow monster attack effect on a charm or relic, this can make your battles a lot easier.

The adrenaline tree is useful for a Warden. Get Resilience up a few levels and cast call of the hunt while adrenaline is active and you can pretty much keep Call of the hunt up almost all the time. Especially if you happen across some recharge gear. Call of the hunt is a nice boost in damage. Especially with a spear.

I wouldn't put any points in intelliegence at all as that will only boost your regeneration rate. 1 point per 100 intelligence is not worth it. Energy can be useful to invest in, but I prefer getting it from items. There's some good items as well as charms and relics that give energy. The Specteral matter charm is also useful as it will give you mana steal. It helps offset some of the heavy mana drinking but not completely as some monsters don't have mana to steal.

And yes you can sue multiple auras buffs provided you have the available energy.

10-05-2006, 05:19 PM
Thanks very much for the timely and informative reply. =)

As of right now I have one point in Adrenaline, one point in Resilience, and then the third (forgot the name) is maxed out. I intend to go back to Adrenaline and Resilience once I grab some other abilities.

As for Rend Armour/Batter...would you say putting one point in both would be enough, or would more be required?

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with hunting. For now, the Attack Speed and the Defensive Ability are more than worth the seven points I've put into the tree...hopefully eventually I'll finish getting what I want from Defense and revisit Hunting.

The Rock-man
10-06-2006, 05:06 AM
Well one point in each gives you a big damage boost.
With Batter + Rend Hit 3 mobs with Weapon + Shield any time you want.
And it worth maxing out Batter just for the +% Slow. Also boosts you damage by +X%, this is both weapon and shield as well as adding a nice amount of damage.

Rend Armour is questionable as whether it worth more than 1 point. It increases the Radius that you can hit and the armour of the mobs with each extra point. But the main thing you get with just one point AOE batter.
You get about +5 degrees to your swing arch with each point, and about -6 armour.

10-23-2006, 11:53 AM
I've got a lvl 56 warden. I think art of the hunt is very worthwhile aswell. Atm I dont have any points in battle awareness but I am planning on using it. I didnt put any points into int or energy and battle awareness with call of the haunt takes up too much energy imho. So i just keep it with art of the hunt. Make sure you get pulverize a.s.a.p. playing warden is cool coz you get a really good combination of skills, from hunting you can really do damage with a spear and you get really nice extra attacks from using a shield from defence. I got all the eq i needed to finish my warden today and its rocking. With a thorny maul my DPS is over 20k enough to make legendary mobs batting practice :p

10-23-2006, 01:58 PM
Got a lvl60 warden myself and i've finished legendary with him. I very much agree with conrad that art of the hunt is important. In fact i'll go so far as to say that it's the most important skill in the hunting tree for a warden (wood lore is a contender tho). With a spear or the thorny maul (or bow) it'll be a serious boost to dps at all times.

Call of the hunt is also very good. It'll help you immensly in tough fights or boss fights. I'll add that i consider call's buff, exploit weakness, even more important than the base skill itself (at least if you cap attack speed without call). Call adds duration tho, so if you have some recharge items putting points into call will probably enable you to keep call up almost permanently.

Study prey is almost invaluable in legendary. You don't really need it normal, but in starting in epic it just gets better and better. Later in legendary it can easily triple your dps against certain mobs with lotsa hp and/or resists.

Also, whenever i play a character with hunting i always keep at least one point in herbal remedy for poison resist and hp regen. Whether i have more than one depends on my build (hp regen intensive builds i have it maxed)

One more thing about hunting tree. You should really just start to climb it for more hp, str and dex. helps a lot.

About the defense tree. I would max all the shield passives. Also i'm a huge fan of batter. It's really good for all defense builds. For warden and other high dps defense builds you should easily be able to one hit three mobs at a time with maxed batter and one point in rend, even in legendary (providing you have good gear ofc). Against bosses the slow effect becomes very useful. (for defense characters with low dps the slow becomes relatively more important than the dmg and will reduce dmg taken by lots).

Adrenaline is also very good. Although you could consider putting just one point there depending on your build. If you have lotsa +x% health regen i would probably max it. Maxed resilience is a given tho (unless you have -100 recharge). Resilience has the effect of reducing all skills' recharge time used during an adrenaline rush by the recharge time stated, not just adrenaline rush itself.

I think battle awareness is pretty useless. It'll potentially have a slight effect like the ten first levels, but becomes relatively worse as you progress as it increases defense and armor by a set amount the becomes negliable in later difficulties. Battle awareness' buffs tho, are very good, especially iron will (not really needed in normal however). Focus is more questionable, but since you said you use quick recovery a lot i would definately max focus. Just one point in battle awareness itself tho.

Personally i'm also a huge fan of the rally tree. How many points and how you wanna spend them is very dependant on build tho. With -100 recharge i would definately max the entire tree. If your recharge isn't that good, but you have lotsa health regen skills like herbal remedy and maxed adrenaline then one point in rally is probably enough. Inspiration has the nice effect of adding duration and mana regen to rally, works really well with colossus. Defiance is very dependant on build. Potentially useful if you wanna gear mainly for dmg and not resists and use rally/defiance for resists when you run into spell casters.