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08-03-2006, 04:34 PM
I'm playing an assassin, but most of my points are in warfare, What are a good couple of legendary armor sets? I've been trying to look around but it seems kind of daunting =)

I'm working through Legendary difficulty now, and am slowly amassing some good things to offer for trade, just want some idea's of what to shoot for =)

08-03-2006, 08:16 PM
Same here, I'm a Warfare/Nature going through legendary and I'm looking for a good set of armor.

08-04-2006, 03:12 AM
well i dont know if its the setup you guys would like to wear but, its what i call the survival setup that i am using in my champion, its not for dps, and i dont claim its the best, but it does a lot for survival, if you guys want dps swap Babeizi for Achilles, Alexander Wrist for Conqueror, Weapon for Thorny Maul, Shield for Ancille, both rings apolos will with 105%+ pierce damage, and aphrodites favour for pendant of immortal rage, i think thats all.

Ah forgot to mention, i dont really like the sets, still going for separate setup, works ten times better, i think theres no good enough set to stand against this two setups, one for Survival and the other one for Dps

Helm: Ares (32%+ elemental res)
Armour: Babeizi Gi (55%+ pierce res)
Legs: Athenas (45%+ fire res, 45%+ cold res, 45%+poison res)
Wrist: Alexander (20%+ pierce res)
Weapons: Lykaion (50%+ light resist, 35%+ cold resist, -15%+ energy cost)
Shields: Deimos (20%+ pierce res, 20%+ elemental res, 20%+ poison res)

Rings: (Apolos Will 40%+, pierce res, Eye of Horus 35%+ elemental res)
Ammy: (Aphrodites Favour 50%+ pierce, 50%+ elemental, 50%+ poison)

%+ = that % or better

08-15-2006, 07:49 AM
Drakex's setup is almost identical of what I would go with if I wasen't duel wield and if I solo'd legendary or wanted more resistances. At the moment I am going for +damage really but also looking for the normal stats, resistances, and cool effects. Here is what I use at the moment but I will be changing things up after I find how much over on +attack speed I am after getting 2 good slow weapons and such.

Ares War Helm
Conquer's Bracers
Athena's Battle Greaves
Armor of Achilles
Mark of Ares

I will probably get another Mark, havent picked a necklace. I got a nice club today at the end of Act 1 Legendary. Sceptre of someone and it is one of the highest damage weapons ive seen, has leech, +dmg, vitality damage, ect but I think eventually I will look for another. I am using a pagos in my offhand but will try to upgrade it to a slower axe. If anyone has any ideas for 2 good weapons for a dps duel wield champion let me know. I like this set up because my damage is crazy and I get some nice +skills and other things as well. I have only died once or twice so far in legendary but if things get harder I will pickup more resistance armor until I finish legendary or just use a shield for certain encounters. I duo with a ranger and we drop things so fast. No, I dont use Refresh and Ancestrial Warriors over and over.

On second thought, I will probably go for Aphordite's favor over a second Mark of Ares just because the +2 to masteries will let me lose some points in warfare because i'd go over and just increase a bunch of stuff. The resistances, hp, and the effects are priceless as well. This is like the uber ring that everyone needs of Titan Quest. Reminds me of a Stone of Jordan on crack, Diablo 2 anyone? :)

08-15-2006, 09:23 PM
Huo Qubing's set... All drain life and dual wield... Drain life to survive atk speeds your friend. With Onslaught on my DPS is about 1000+

08-15-2006, 09:36 PM
I will probably go for Aphordite's favor over a second Mark of Ares just because the +2 to masteries will let me lose some points in warfare because i'd go over and just increase a bunch of stuff
Uh... I think you are confused.

Aphrodites favor = necklace
Mark of Ares = Ring

If you are looking for sets the Tartarus set actually doesn't have bad modifiers to it and it looks cool. I agree with the above posters though that you will typically get far better results by using individual pieces and not sets though.

08-15-2006, 09:42 PM
i finished legendary using:

Alexander's helm, alexander's boots, alexander's chest
2 apollo rings (they give nice resis and give dext which i was needing for my wrist)
wrist: a green one that was giving me +25% elemental resis, +25 armor, and +3 to all skills (it was a gorgon's one so it was needing a lot of dext to use)
aphrodite favor
Ancile (shield...+% dmg and +2 warfare skills)
weapon: i changed a lot the weapons at the end...but i think i ended up using a green axe that was: 190-202 dmg, +20%dmg and + attack speed

with DW i was using a similar green axe that had +2 warfare skills and kraken's fist