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07-19-2006, 07:38 AM
My first choice of mastery was Warfare , then I chose Nature , so the name of the mastery became Champion.

Please post the names of your builds and every different build you know.

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Max, if you're looking for all the names (as opposed to trying to get a feel for what people are using) you can find them all in the end of the manual (page 58 in the US version of the manual). Also you can play with them at this website (http://www.titancalc.com/) which is an amazing tool for TQ players.

Edit: oops Jotun beat me to it.

07-19-2006, 08:01 AM
Please post the names of your builds and every different build you know.

Storm Mastery
Single Profession: Stormcaller
+ Earth Mastery: Elementalist
+ Warfare Mastery: Thane
+ Spirit Mastery: Oracle
+ Defense Mastery: Paladin
+ Nature Mastery: Druid
+ Hunting Mastery: Sage
+ Rogue Mastery: Sorcerer

Earth Mastery
Single Profession: Pyromancer
+ Warfare Mastery: Battlemage
+ Spirit Mastery: Conjurer
+ Defense Mastery: Juggernaut
+ Nature Mastery: Summoner
+ Hunting Mastery: Avenger
+ Rogue Mastery: Magician

Warfare Mastery
Single Profession: Warrior
+ Spirit Mastery: Spellbreaker
+ Defense Mastery: Conqueror
+ Nature Mastery: Champion
+ Hunting Mastery: Slayer
+ Rogue Mastery: Assassin

Spirit Mastery
Single Profession: Theurgist
+ Defense Mastery: Spellbinder
+ Nature Mastery: Soothsayer
+ Hunting Mastery: Bone Charmer
+ Rogue Mastery: Warlock

Defense Mastery
Single Profession: Defender
+ Nature Mastery: Guardian
+ Hunting Mastery: Warden
+ Rogue Mastery: Corsair

Nature Mastery
Single Profession: Wanderer
+ Hunting Mastery: Ranger
+ Rogue Mastery: Illusionist

Hunting Mastery
Single Profession: Hunter
+ Rogue Mastery: Brigand

Rogue Mastery
Single Profession: Rogue

07-20-2006, 12:43 AM
Thanks alot