View Full Version : Any Tool fans?!

05-26-2006, 05:29 PM
So, any tool-fans roaming these boards?! Only 10 days until we fill a car with 5 guys, and drive down to Germany to watch them live. I'm so psycked. Only seen them ones on Roskilde Festival (large festiaval in DK), and that was sooo sweet. They're playing again this year, it's just so expensive. And I have a test on day two of the fest, so really bad timing :( But when we get home from Germany, I'm prolly so "high" from the koncert I'll buy that ticket anyway... too bad they didn't come for a "real" concert this time, instead of the festival though... Pretty sure I haven't heard anything but 10.000 days the last 3 weeks (besides a bit from the older albums). Gotta love it :) (trying not to sound too obsessed :D)