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11-19-2011, 04:57 PM
I'm looking for someone to play, but I can't quite decide. I got this game a year ago and got to act 3 with a dream nuker, but stopped playing and am looking to try again.

A bow hunter sounds like it could be fun, but what I'm imagining the playstyle, and there are plenty of times where you can't kill everyone before they close into melee range. So how do bow users usually deal with that? Can pets hold aggro well enough to keep monsters off you? Would it be strange to shoot them with a bow and switch to a spear when it gets close? I just remember early in helos I shoot the boar, and then it would close in and I would be shooting arrows at point-blank and I just felt silly.

11-19-2011, 05:10 PM
Well, it starts off a bit slower then melee or magic users. However, if you speed your way up the hunting mastery tree then you unlock a skill called 'Scatter shot', and what this does is every arrow you fire explodes and shoots shrapnel into all the creatures around the one you hit with the arrow. As soon as that and volley have points invested in, you don't have to worry so much about being swarmed by melee mobs... unless they are really fast of course.

With a half decent bow, and your attack speed boosted, you can pretty much wipe out everything in seconds. It's very fun to play, and by the time you reach Act2 you will feel like a god.

I currently have a character who uses Hunting and Nature combined(a Ranger), and this allows you significant boosts to your health and elemental resists. You can also call forth a pack of wolves and a Nympth to help you out and keep the mobs busy, leaving you time to destroy everything from a distance with your Hunting skill.

Don't be to discouraged by the ineffectiveness of early bow users, as they more then catch up with melee and magic users before long. Just keep keep going 1 : 1 strength Dexterity on each level and you will be fine. Also +%attack speed boosts are something that is extremely beneficial to you due to the fact bows are so slow.

11-19-2011, 05:36 PM
When mobs get into melee range you have two options:

1. Stand your ground and hope to kill everything before they kill you, or if you know you can without any risk, then its fine
2. Kite, learn to use the shift key, and run>shoot>run>shoot, unless you're fighting one of the few mobs thats faster than you, its an easy thing to do once you get the hang of

In fact, probably the easiest way to play when you're in act 1 and under level 10ish, is to get a hold of a bow with a lot of poison on it, and run around tagging as many mobs as you can, they'll likely die while you're occupied elsewhere so you can effectively kill 5-10 mobs simultaneously (basically).

11-19-2011, 08:14 PM
Hunting is a very powerful mastery, and you have several options when enemies close in on you. At lower levels you'll have no choice but to kite, but at higher levels you can simply drop Monster Lure. As Irma2 put it, the skill is one of the best things in TQ since sliced bread. Alternatives include tanking mobs (Hunting has plenty of +DA/evade skills), switching to a spear, and using disables/debuffs, depending on what your second mastery is (assuming you have one).

11-19-2011, 11:24 PM
It looks like scatter shot is at the top of the mastery level. If the going is slow until then, am I going to be ok putting most of my skill points into mastery level ups? I'm at level 6 with one point in art of the hunt, marksman, and the attack speed/defense ability passive. I'll probably put a point in herbal mastery and puncture shot along the way, but otherwise maxing out the mastery as fast as I can is ok?

11-19-2011, 11:45 PM
Yes, that is the most common route for climbing up the Hunting mastery alone. Depending on what your support mastery is though, investing some points in the other mastery for leveling faster is an option, where you can respec at Delphi to place those points into Hunting since you will probably be able to invest into Scatter Shot / Volley around then. Examples would be maxing Distortion Wave from Dream, or maxing Wolves from Nature, which makes the early game go by faster. Just 1 pointing your support mastery for certain skills that help you level to the top of the Hunting tree is more worthwhile than climbing Hunting straightaway imo. 32 skill points = 11 level worth of points. Since most people would end Act 1 around level 18, that's 20 skill points you have to dump into one pointers including the skill point from Sparta. Since Hunting does not have all that many skills you would 1 point anyway, that means you will reach the top of the tree before Act 1 concludes.

The lack of power before Scatter Shot and Volley means you will have to face Nessus, Cyclops etc. with mostly kiting fights. Your mob clearing ability is also low due to the lack of AoE before Scatter Shot. Imo, the conclusion that can be summed up from the above is simple - it is probably more efficient to use skills that can be obtained with 1 point in your support masteries to help you climb the Hunting tree. Distortion Wave is really worth a mention here imo, the 50% slow is invaluable for archers. If the support mastery does not have skills that ease the early game with a low (preferably 1) point investment though, rushing up Hunting is the fastest method you have for unleashing the overpowering beast that is the bow Hunter.

By the way, in response to the topic, the playstyle is Study Prey + pew pew pew + profit. =)