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11-17-2011, 06:48 AM
What meele class does:
Level fastest?
Dying fewest time?
Most damage?

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11-17-2011, 08:12 AM
Fastest leveling, at least in Normal when levels come fairly quickly, would be Int-based melee Prophet or Evoker. DW/PI & Squall or DW/PI & Eruption ftw. Whole mobs in two clicks. Conventional melee builds can't match that.

Fewest deaths, if built around the Immortal principle, would be spear or hybrid Haruspex, I guess.

Most damage would probably be Slayer or Champion. Fastest boss killer would likely be Spellbreaker or Bone Charmer.

Best is melee Ritualist. Just... because.

11-17-2011, 09:14 AM
How does a Int-based melee character work? :S

11-17-2011, 10:12 AM
INT-melee would be hard to use, but you could do it. You have to split your points among the 3 stats, and then probably rely on other stat bonus gear. Helmet + Necklace for + INT% and +Energy% gear, and 2 rings for +STR% and HP% gear. It's totally do able though.

INT increases the amount of electric burn and elemental damage you do, so by using a melee weapon that does some kind of elemental damage + an enchantment of the same kind (burning sabertooth of fire + prometheus flame = very good melee weapon for a melee fire mage for example)

Fastest leveling - definitely storm, earth and dream combo. Like Irma said, there is no class that can keep up with that. Earth can either walk through half the game with ring of fire and blow up the other half with volcanic orb, storm dissolves the first 3 acts using just squall, and dream melts them with ease using distortion wave.

Fewest deaths - haruspex, but really depends on the player. Any class can be played to fewest deaths, gascanron did a poison-based melee dreamkiller for an xmax challenge, I think he got past epic with 0 deaths, not sure if he did legendary too, I forgot.

Most damage - spear brigand. Slayer, champion, spellbreaker, bonecharmer are very powerful as well, but they don't have the ability to hit one time for 50000 damage... Lethal strike on brigand is strong as hell. But spear brigand is boring since he has no AoE.

Best - best what? best because it's the easiest? Conqueror. Templar is my fav. pick for most durable though. I also really enjoyed my corsair and battlemage..